Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Beautiful Wedding for Aaron and Chelsea at The Carolina Inn!

Chelsea and Aaron fell in love when they were students at UNC. They met during a Friday night tradition where the boys in the adjacent dorm would run through the women's halls shirtless--to celebrate the weekend! All the girls were standing outside their rooms expecting this weekly ritual when Aaron innocently stumbled upon this happening, glanced over at a pretty girl with a big smile who said "Come on, it's Friday" whereupon he whipped off his shirt and ran around a bit, shortly to return to check out this intriguing girl with the big smile, none other than Chelsea. He was intrigued by her sense of humor and kindness. She was impressed that he was such a good listener and she could talk his ears off. It did not hurt that he was tall and good looking with the nicest blue eyes she had ever seen. Five years and many adventures later, they were planning their wedding for June 1, 2013 at the Carolina Inn. The wedding day was gorgeous with a slight breeze. The Bryan Courtyard with the big tree was immaculately groomed and ready for the guests. Sally Oakley was on duty as their wedding director. 
This beautiful cake by Swank Cake Design was in its place in the Old Well room where the reception would take place.
The courtyard was filled to capacity with the white chairs and white flower petals down the aisle.
Arioso Strings had arrived, set up and were tuning up. Always heavenly music and I love working with them all.
When all the guests were seated and it was time to begin, the guys and I walked in down the side ramp and took our places up front.
Chelsea's mother, Lori, was escorted in by her son, Billy. She reminded me of a young Julia Child!
Unlike the day before at the rehearsal, our sweet little ring bearer, William, walked straight down the aisle and presented the rings to the best man then was seated. I don't know the bribe they used but it sure worked like a charm!
The guests stood in honor of our stunning bride as her father, Geoff, escorted her down the aisle.
 She gave Dad a little kiss and he was seated.
 Aaron's dad, Jeff, was his best man. 
Chelsea and Aaron were soooo ready for this day! They were both beaming at each other! Because we had collaborated on the creation of their ceremony, they knew what I was going to say and could relax, be in the moment, and really enjoy the ceremony which included personal and endearing tributes to their parents.
Brian Mullins, photographer, was getting shots from the back of the guests while his second shooter, Jen Aun, was roaming, like my assistant, Marty, getting this shot.
I loved telling their story and what they loved about each other which was secret to each of them not revealed until the ceremony.
 There was lots of good humor.  
 Then we had the "hands ceremony." 
"This ring is a symbol of my love. With it I take a piece of my heart and place it into yours. May it encircle our spirits and bind us together forever."
"It is my honor to pronounce you husband and wife. Aaron, you may kiss the bride!"
 And he sure did! 
 What! We kissed in front of all these people! Oh my!
 Chelsea, what's that on the bottom of your shoe? The tag? A message?
Beautiful people, beautiful couple, beautiful marriage! Chelsea and Aaron, I wish you a lifetime of happiness and love!

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