Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Wonderful Wedding for Kate and Phil at Angus Barn Pavilions!

In October of 2010, I married Megan and Ben at The Cotton Room. It was a fabulous wedding and I enjoyed getting to know them and their families. Then this past January, I met with Megan's sister, Kate, and her fiance, Phil, to make plans for their wedding ceremony on September 14, 2012 at the Angus Barn Pavilions. It was such a pleasure working with Kate and Phil and getting to see Kate's family and Megan and Ben again. They felt like family!
The English Garden was their florist and they did an amazing job decorating this site for the wedding. I had seen their doors done up for the Carolina Bridal Show at the Carolina Inn and was so impressed. Here they created the doorway to the wedding again and hung the doors with moss covered initials of "K" and "P" for our bride and groom. The chalk board welcomed the guests. 
This lovely "altar" arrangement fit so well the decor of the Angus Barn and was so unique.
The Angus Barn audio staff was on hand to plug my microphone into their sound system and provide a microphone for our readers. What excellent service! 
Meanwhile, down at the Pavilions, the groomsmen are milling around while all the guests are being seated. The weather was beautiful and the temperature comfortable.
Inside, the tables were all set elegantly and ready for the guests for the reception. 
The inside of the Pavilions is so spacious with that huge ceiling fan and a huge see through fireplace.
The staff is getting all the food ready and let me tell you, my mouth was watering it smelled so delicious!
Kate and Phil are so creative. They made these framed pieces of art for their wedding, the center one showing their names and wedding date. The background of the "She" and "He" artwork was filled with words they wrote describing each other. Quite different and so sweet. They also created some fabulous wedding programs.
Cinda's Creative Cakes made this gorgeous cake with the delicate lacy icing topped with roses.
Out on the terrace was their "tree" where the guests had begun to put their names on the leaves. I am sure it was completely filled by the time the celebration was over. 
So, when we were ready to start and all the guests were seated, Phil's mother, Elaine, was escorted in by his stepfather, Steve.
Phil's father, Joe, and his stepmother, Joyce, were next to walk in. 
Then it was time for the mother of the bride, Diane, to be escorted in by the father of the bride, David, who returned to bring in the bride.
Next up were the guys and me. 
Phil and I dropped the guys off at the fire pit area to walk in the bridesmaids while Phil and I went ahead and got into our places.
Next to last in is our Matron of Honor, Megan. She and Ben came in from Atlanta for the wedding. 
Here we are watching our sign-bearer walk in but he got a little side tracked and went down the wrong path! 
He held up the sign that said "Uncle Phil, here comes your bride!" He was then redirected around to the steps. The flip side of the sign that he carried in the recessional said "Happily Ever After." In the background is Steve Stowe with Joe Bunn DJ Co. who provided the music for the ceremony. Steve and I have done so many weddings together he is like family too! (One of our bridesmaids got a little light-headed during the wedding and Steve was the first to notice her distress and got a bottle of water to her--thanks, Steve; it's so nice to know you've got my back!)

See the grin on Phil's face?
And Kate and her dad make the long walk to the altar!

The groomsman second from the right is Ben, Megan's husband.
Yes, it was quite a large wedding party! 
After the presentation of the bride, a warm welcome to all, opening prayer, in memoriam, and parents' blessing, Samantha and Stephanie alternated reading the verses of the poem "The Key to Love" by Robert V. Millay.
And now for their story! Kate and Phil met one evening when Phil joined a bunch of Kate's friends who were going out to celebrate her birthday in 2009. His roommate had been telling him how awesome Kate was and Kate felt totally at ease with Phil. In fact they both told me that it felt like they had known each other all their lives. It did not take them long to become a couple and eventually decide to marry. 
The story of their love was followed by words that they had shared with me about why they loved each other, why they wanted to marry and what they were looking forward to in marriage.
Then they read their vows to each other from my book and exchanged rings.
That is Erin, younger sister of the bride and Maid of Honor, on the left. Her wedding will be the next one for her parents, David and Diane. In fact, I told David that I would have to give him a volume discount for the next one! 
The bell was rung in celebration of the wedding as they recessed out! 
And away they go to begin their new adventure as husband and wife! 
Ashley Whittington, the wedding director/coordinator for the Angus Barn, and I congratulate each other on a job well done! Thanks, Ashley, it was great to work with you, as usual! Our photographers for the wedding were Rebecca and Mary with Millie Hollomon Photography.
Hey, you two! What a fabulous wedding! Congratulations! Have a wonderful honeymoon and enjoy wedded bliss! I will see you again at Erin's wedding! 

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