Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
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Thursday, August 9, 2012

What is the Average Cost of a Wedding in the US?

Most brides shell out between $875 and $1,458 for their wedding dresses, according to The Wedding Report, a research company that tracks and forecasts trends in the wedding industry. Veils are an extra $80 to $134.

And that's just a small fraction of the average cost of a wedding. Projections based on 11,200 surveys of couples and wedding businesses conducted last year reveal that the average U.S. couple currently spends $25,631 getting married. The majority of couples spend between $19,223 and $32,039. These totals don't include the honeymoon (or the officiant's fee which can range from $150 for an elopement type wedding to $800+ depending on expertise, experience and services provided).

In Wake County, the average cost of a wedding is $25,118. In Durham County couples spend an average of $23,388 on a wedding. Orange County is $25,631. Chatham County $23,901.

Grooms typically spend between $2,423 and $4,039 on their fiancée's engagement ring, and the wedding bands range from $884 to $1,474. If you want a DJ at the reception, expect to be charged somewhere in the neighborhood of $524 to $874. Hiring a live band ranges in price from $1,157 to $1,928.

Then of course there are the flowers, party favors, invitations, venue, photography, transportation, place settings, dinner, alcohol and last but not least, the cake. The average wedding cake costs between $317 and $529, so savor every bite.

The Wedding Report website can be quite helpful in estimating costs per your zip code.

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