Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Monday, July 2, 2012

Hot Lavender Home Wedding for Sarah and David!

This wedding was so much fun despite the 100+ degree temperature on June 30, 2012. Sarah and David were a great couple to work with to create their unforgettable wedding. They live in Myrtle Beach and we did not meet in person until the rehearsal the day before. Sarah's mother, Cheryl, contacted me by email in April and evidently had so much confidence in me that she hired me sight unseen before I even had any contact with Sarah and David. She really put together the whole wedding celebration so well she could go into the wedding planning business herself!   Cheryl and Mark's lovely home in Wake Forest was the perfect setting for their daughter's wedding. The reception in the back yard was so nice around the beautiful pool. She thought of everything! 
Now, I ask you, have you ever seen the groom and the groomsmen dress in pants color coordinated with the bridesmaids dresses (other than black of course)? Well Sarah and David managed to find lavender pants and ties for the guys. Really a fresh idea!  
Conrad, brother of the bride and groomsman, played the guitar for our wedding. The young lady in the red sang during the processional. They were quite good!
Heather, a friend of Cheryl, acted as our wedding director and she did a fine job. She got us all lined up inside the garage from where we processed in for the ceremony. David and his brother, Ryan, escorted in their two grandmothers and Sarah's two sets of grandparents escorted themselves in. So nice to have so many grandparents in attendance.
Then it was time for the Mother and Father of the Groom, Linda and Ray, to make their entrance.
Cheryl and Mark were next then Mark returned to the line-up to escort in his lovely daughter. Aren't those the sassiest little shoes Cheryl has on?  
Another very large wedding party with seven on each side. 
Amanda, sister of the bride and Maid of Honor, waits her turn to go down the aisle which was actually the sidewalk from the garage to the front door. Adorable and unique bridesmaids dresses and do note that they are all wearing cream satin Tom's shoes. The groom is wearing gray Tom's shoes he found the day of the wedding. Perfect! Tom's are great shoes and for every pair of shoes you buy, a needy child somewhere in the world gets a pair of shoes for free. I love my Tom's! You can get them at the Vertical Urge on Six Forks Road in Raleigh where they have a huge selection.
Ethan, brother of the bride and groomsman, was drafted at the last minute to carry the bride's train so that it did not snag on the concrete walkway.
After Mark answered the question and placed Sarah's hand in David's, they started up the steps to join me. It took Sarah both hands to lift up the front of the dress and ascend the steps with David right behind ready to catch her if she faltered.
The wedding began at 7:00 and the entire front yard was in shade and there were fans blowing a nice breeze on the guests. At the rehearsal the day before, I asked Cheryl if she and Mark had built this house and front entrance with this wedding in mind. She laughed and said that they had not built the house themselves but they had redone the entrance with new stone work after buying the house. It was just perfect for all the bridesmaids and groomsmen to frame the couple.  
Conrad was our seventh groomsman but he remained seated because he had hurt his back and besides he needed to be ready to play the recessional music.
The ceremony began with a warm welcome and ringwarming ritual where the rings that are tied to a ring warming dish are passed among the guests to be infused with their warm blessings and happy thoughts. Ryan is stepping down to start the rings with the mother of the groom.
The couple paid tribute to their parents and then I shared their love story which began when they were freshmen in college. These two had lots of fun telling me all about themselves and their romance and we included a lot of humor fitting the personalities of the couple which the guests loved.
Sarah and David liked the combination of the Blessing of the Hands and the Handfasting custom that they saw in the ceremony material I provided them. They made their own lovely handfasting cord of braided multi-colored ribbon and pearls. As their left hands were joined, I wrapped the cord with each verse of the hand blessing.
Then they joined their right hands forming the symbol of infinity and made their vows to each other which they read from my book.
 I called for the rings and Ryan retrieved the now blessed rings from his mother. In the meantime, I removed the handfasting cord and looped it around the back of David's neck.
  The ring exchange......
 The pronouncement of marriage.....followed by........
  Stepping into their new life as husband and wife!
As they went down the aisle the guests showered them with rice! It has been so long since I have seen rice thrown. Most wedding venues won't allow it because of the clean up. Not a problem in your own front yard!
The wedding party and parents followed the couple toward the street while I invited the guests to go around the house to the reception for refreshments. Cheryl did not use a caterer but made or had prepared all the delectable goodies herself.
 Congratulations to the newlyweds! 
Sarah and David, it was such an honor to be part of your wedding. I am so happy you loved the ceremony and that it was everything you ever wanted for your wedding ceremony. Have fun in Europe and I will be checking on you on Facebook! 

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