Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pretty Pink Wedding for Susan and John at Ayr Mount!

Susan and John have been sweethearts for many years but only recently have they both lived in the same state. So, it was time to get married and they chose the lovely Ayr Mount historic estate in Hillsborough for their wedding venue--the ceremony at the front of the house with the reception in a large tent in the back where the vista is simply breathtaking. We met in January to plan the ceremony. They wanted to be sure and include Susan's 16 year old daughter, Autumn. They loved the poem "All I Want Is to Love You" by Tracy Donovan, and the words of “When a Man and a Woman are in Love” by an unknown author, and the Family Unity Sand Ceremony. So we put all that together in a ceremony and from answers to questions they gave me, I created words for the wedding address about their love for each other. So the wedding day, Saturday June 23, 2012, arrived. It had been raining for several days before and scattered showers were possible so whether we could do it outside in the front or not was iffy. There was a cloud cover when Dave and I arrived to set up. (My assistant Marty is on vacation and so my husband Dave got drafted!) 
As the morning wore on, the clouds separated and the sun began to peek out so I removed the protective plastic cover from my sound system. Bea Miller with Floral Dimensions was on site to place the pedestals with the gorgeous sprays of flowers at the altar area, sprinkle the floral petals down the brick walkway and tie ribbons and roses onto the aisle chairs. She discovered when she arrived that chairs had been delivered to the site but had not been set up. Her crew chipped in and we began to set up the chairs. I like the angled configuration and so we did it that way. It looked very pretty. Then the white carpet aisle runners were placed. (Yay, carpet runners, the only ones that really work, especially on brick or concrete surfaces!)
Bea's staff brought around a table and table cloth to use for the sand ceremony and by that time John, the groom, had appeared and diligently got that all important marriage license into my hands first thing, then went to get the sand ceremony set up so that I could uncover and arrange the containers on the table . 
The sand was in their pretty colors of lipstick pink, soft pink and purple--a beautiful combination! 
And this is the finished product. The first layer was white sand which I poured representing God, The Source, and the foundation for the marriage, then John and Susan and Autumn poured in layers, then I poured more white sand on top as the overarching energy of God's love that is a blessing to this family every day. The inscription says "Always Remember our Family" and the date.
This stunning cake by Cinda's Creative Cakes was around back in the reception tent. Cinda's cakes are always a work of art! 

This is what was going on under the big tent. It is set in a huge meadow with an unbelievable vista that just goes on and on--see below.
Between Bea Miller (R) with Floral Dimensions furnishing the floral decorations and the caterer, Joel, with Hillsborough BBQ Company, the reception was all coming together.
A close-up of one of the gorgeous sprays of flowers that flanked the altar area for the ceremony.
An exceptionally talented musician, Anita Burroughs-Price, was our harpist. She was filling in for another harpist who at the last minute could not make it to the wedding. Thanks, Anita, your music was heavenly, as usual, and your exquisite gold harp! 
Right on time our horse drawn carriage from Bull City Carriages arrived bringing the Bride, Maid of Honor and Bride's daughter who was not only a bridesmaid but her mother's escort as well.
The first to process down the aisle were Susan's mother, Mary, and stepfather, Bud. 
Awaiting our bride! 
The two lovely ladies making their entrance! Our photographer, Natasha, second shooter for Prevoir Photography is in the background. 
And so we begin.....
I am telling Autumn how important she is to Susan and John. I asked her "Autumn, do you accept John as your mother's husband? Do you promise to d what you can to promote family love and harmony? Do you promise to speak the truth in love to everyone in this family and to hold your best wishes for each family member in your heart? Then I asked John "John, do you accept Autumn as your wife's child thereby making her a very important loved one in your new family? Do you promise to nurture her, protect her, counsel her and hold her in respect as if she were your own flesh and blood?" And of course they both responded "I do." Then John presented Autumn with a very beautiful necklace which he nimbly fastened as I watched in amazement because the clasp was quite tiny!
I shared with the guests what Susan and John love about each other and what they are looking forward to in marriage which flowed into their personal vows to each other and the exchange of rings.
The pouring together of the sand. On the right is Erin, the owner of Prevoir Photography
The pronouncement of marriage! 
The kiss, of course! 
As I introduced them to their guests, John pulled Autumn over into the center and out they went!
Happy Family! 
Family Hug!
Susan and John, I am so very happy for you and Autumn! The wedding was fabulous and the weather cooperated divinely! What a lovely wedding day and I congratulate you and wish you all the best ever!

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