Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Anna and Scott's Fabulous Wedding at Angus Barn Pavilions!

Anna and Scott first met 6 years ago in Cary NC when Anna was a senior in high school and Scott a freshman in college. They did not pay much attention to each other at that first meeting but at a subsequent party they found themselves making brownies together. Little did they know this friendship would eventually lead to marriage. They quickly discovered they have the same sense of humor and soon were quite smitten with each other. At some point, they decided to marry. They set their wedding date for June 8, 2012 and booked The Pavilions at Angus Barn for their wedding venue. They engaged me as their officiant in November of 2011 and we began working on their ceremony. They are both quite generous with words about why they love each other and so I did not have a bit of trouble getting enough information to put together their story for the ceremony. I was just sorry that I was not able to use everything but the ceremony would have gone on for hours! They wanted to keep it to about 20 minutes in length for the sake of their guests so we trimmed it here and there so Anna still could have all the specific things she had dreamed of having in her wedding ceremony. And so the big day dawned and we were graced with sunshine and a nice breeze. Marty and I arrived an hour ahead of ceremony start time to get my microphone connected and do a sound check with our DJ.
The wedding was at 7 PM on a Friday evening and the shadows are long as the sun is going down.
My pleasure to work with Randy Bennett with Joe Bunn DJ Company. He takes such good care of me and got me all hooked up and we did a sound check.
The view of the Pavilions from the terrace where all the sides were open and big leather tuxedo couches were out on the patio for guests to lounge about.
Fleuressence did the bouquets and boutonnieres but the table decorations were done by Anna's aunt and uncle as a gift to the couple. Gorgeous!
Here is a view of the interior of the Pavilions from one angle looking out toward the lake.
This is a view looking out the other direction toward the wooded area.
Yummm! Chocolate wedding cake with two sweet little birds on top, one labeled "Mr." and the other "Mrs." made by Cinda's Creative Cakes
Ashley Whittington is our Wedding Director with the Angus Barn. She is so great to work with and had every little detail handled to perfection! Thanks, Ashley!
Such a little cutie! No, she is not a flower girl but is all dressed up like one! Maybe our youngest wedding guest?
Randy and I take a load off our feet and chat while the guests are being seated.
Scott's last name begins with an "R" so they cleverly had a wooden cut out for all the guests to sign and it will hang in a place of honor in their home.
The guests are seated, the two mothers have been escorted in and now Scott and I make the long walk down the aisle.
 Time for the bride! 
 Anna and her father, Dale, make their way from the Pavilions. 
Anna gives her father a kiss and as he is taking his seat, Anna and Scott join hands and face each other.
The setting sun is shining right in Anna's face but she does not care because she is so happy that she and Scott are finally at this point in their lives.
Both Anna and Scott are dog aficianados and so they had to have her Aunt Gin and Godmother read Taylor Mali's "Falling in Love is Like Owning a Dog," a whimsical and witty poem presented with perfection!
What a great story they have! They are looking forward to the next chapter in their lives, marriage.
My assistant, Marty, got so many great photos of this wedding with my camera, I had a tough time choosing what to include on this blog so we have more than usual for this post. Speaking of photos, our official wedding photographers were Brent and Anna Deitrich who own Live View Studios. I had never met them or worked with them before but from the looks of their website, they are great! 
Saying their carefully chosen vows to each other.....
Exchanging rings....
The official moment they become husband and wife! 
It is done and it is time to celebrate! 
I stole the new Mr. and Mrs. away from their wedding party to get a parting shot with them. You can see how very happy they are. Anna and Scott, it was my pleasure and my honor working with you to craft your one of a kind gorgeous wedding ceremony and officially joining you in marriage. Congratulations to you both and all the best in medical school, Scott!

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