Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Monday, May 28, 2012

Ronda and Mark Get Married at Raleigh Country Club!

The wedding of Ronda and Mark is really special for me. Ronda and I used to work together many years ago, she moved on to a new job, and we had lost touch. So, when she called to tell me she was getting married and wanted me to officiate, I was simply thrilled! I was anxious to meet her fiance, Mark, and her children from a previous marriage, Jonathan and Julia. We met on March 15th to plan their wedding for May 20, 2012. It was short notice and I was so happy I was available. Mark agreed for me to officiate and said he "liked my style!" They were not planning a very big wedding and they wanted the children in it. They chose Raleigh Country Club, a great venue. I love doing weddings with Bonnie Miller there. She and her staff take really good care of their brides and grooms.
It was a beautiful day that Sunday. The temperature was perfect but it was a bit windy.
View of the back of the club from the ceremony site on the green. 
This cake was baked by Not Just Cakes and the flowers provided by Ronda's mother who did the floral decorations.
Bruce Stevenson provided the ceremony music. The photographer for the wedding was Teri Lyn out of Charlotte who was contracted to provide her services by David's Bridal. 
 When the bride's parents were seated, the guys and I entered. 
Julia, daughter of the bride, entered next as our flower girl. 
Jonathan escorts his beautiful mother down the aisle! 
Such a pretty vista and backdrop for a wedding. Notice the clock on the tower says 2:00. We started right on time and the clock reflects that we accomplished what we were going for -- a 20 minute ceremony.
Mark gave Julia a necklace to commemorate the special occasion and said some really sweet words to her. I was impressed that he flawlessly opened the tiny clasp on the first try and got the necklace on without fumbling!
Then it was Jonathan's turn. Mark said some touching words to him and gave him a watch.
Then I told everyone how Ronda and Mark had first met at work back in 2002, were definitely taken with each other, but neither was ready for a relationship. Ronda told me that she also fell for Mark's dog, Mulligan, and often dog-sat for him, which gave them an excuse to keep in touch outside the office. It was not until several years later that Mark approached Ronda agan. They were both amazed that their original feelings were still there. This time they were both ready and soon became a couple.  Last June, Mark proposed at work with two dozen roses and had Ronda's mother and her children there. What a romantic!
 Wrong hand, Ronda!!
Now for the family unity sand pouring where Mark and Ronda poured 1/2 of their sand in separately making 2 layers, then Julia and Jonathan poured theirs in making 4 layers. The fifth layer was the blending of Mark and Ronda's sand symbolizing the union of this family who are so fortunate to have found each other and are so happy to officially be joined together.
 Pronouncement and kiss! (Look at the clock. We are right at 20 minutes!) 
 I introduced them as a family and they all 4 hugged before recessing out.
 Stepping out into their new life and their honeymoon to Cancun.
Bonnie and I congratulating each other on a great wedding well done! Thanks, Bonnie!
Relaxing in the board room before going out to take some photos. Everyone is glad the ceremony went so well and is behind them. It is time to celebrate!
Ronda and Mark, I could tell that the two of you simply adore each other. I know you are so happy together and Julia and Jonathan are two very lucky kids with you for parents. Thank you for choosing me to officiate for you; it was my honor! Let's not lose touch again! 

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