Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Friday, May 25, 2012

Beautiful Wedding for Nichole and Chris at the Stone Chapel!

Nichole and Chris live in Florida and contacted me way back in 2010 to officiate their wedding on May 19, 2012 at the Stone Chapel in Wake Forest. They are real planners and so wise to get started early to get their first choice of wedding vendors. Their reception was close by at Wakefield Plantation Golf Club, an elegant venue.  I was impressed at how thoroughly and carefully they thought of everything and made their dreams of a storybook wedding come true. I felt like I was marrying old friends because I had known them much longer than I get to know most couples. Finally the big day arrived! 
It was a lovely day that Saturday and the Stone Chapel was ready! It is an old historic chapel that is now used for weddings and other events. I have done many weddings here through the years.
Betsy Coley, photographer, had the bride and her bridesmaids outside for photos while the groom was sequestered inside the chapel.
Aaron Asbury and James Tigner from Island Sound DJ and Video were there capturing the wedding on video. 
Our wedding director was Megan McReynolds. I have known Megan for many years and occasionally we get to work together. She actually works at Chatham Hill Wineries where I have done a couple of weddings and offers her wedding services to brides who find her. She also makes stunning quilts! Megan is really good at all she does and it is fun to work with her. After the seating of the grandparents and parents, the bridesmaids and groomsmen entered then it was time for the flower girls.  The older one held a sign that said "Uncle Chris, Here Comes Your Girl!" (I know Nichole found that on Pinterest because I heard she was an avid "pinner" and so am I!) As the older flower girl sprinkled petals, the little one began to stop and pick up each petal. It was funny and finally Megan had to retrieve her and hand her over to her mother. I have learned that trying to rehearse little children is a futile task because when the church is filled with guests, it just is not the same as practicing with empty seats!
Nichole asked both her father and her stepfather to escort her in. They were both honored to do so.
 And here we go!
Chris and Nichole won a contest to have an original poem written for them. It was a perfect reading for their wedding and Chris' cousin, Kelsey, did a great job of presenting it.
It was time for their story. They met 5 1/2 years ago when Nichole got a job as hostess at Rooster's, a new restaurant in Charlotte, where Chris was a pastry chef. Their stations were near each other so they got to know each other which prompted Chris to ask Nichole out on a date. His only night off was one of Nichole's work nights so he bribed the other hostess to fill in for her by giving her $20 and free milkshakes for her and her boyfriend! That one date was all it took for these two to fall for each other. Eventually Chris' employment took him to Florida and Nichole followed.
Nichole told me that roosters remain special to them and they collect little figurines of roosters. They brought some to sit atop the envelope box!
Making their promises of marriage to each other and sealing them with their rings......
The big pronouncement of marriage, at last! 
 I try to get out from behind the couple for the kiss. They were fast! 
Congratulations, Nichole and Chris! You did it! I know you are so happy and so glad that the wedding came off just as planned, making all your hard work worth it! It was simply gorgeous! I wish you two all the best in life!

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