Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Heather and GW's Wedding--Another Fabulously Fun Wedding at Caffe Luna!

Heather and GW contacted me about a month before their wedding in a panic. They had been planning on GW's good friend, Chris Biancaniello, who had been ordained on line for the specific purpose of officiating their wedding, but when they went down to the Register of Deeds office in Wake County to get their marriage license, they inquired of the legality of having an on line ordained minister do their wedding and were given a statement that said: "In 1980 the NC Supreme Court ruled that a marriage performed by a minister ordained on line was invalid. The Marriage Statute has not changed since that ruling so there is no reason to believe the ruling would be any different today. However, nobody knows for certain." Not wanting to take any chances on their marriage one day being ruled invalid prompted Heather and GW to find someone not ordained on line to officiate for them. This is certainly not the first, nor will it be the last time a couple comes to me in this predicament. I honor that the couple really want their friend to officiate, that he or she has been chosen because they feel close to him or her and that it would be very meaningful to them. So, I told them that I would be honored to "co-officiate" their wedding ceremony with their friend. In fact, I have done this a few times before. And, as is so often the case, the friend, not being an experienced wedding officiant does not have the resources or experience to create a really special ceremony for them. GW and Heather signed with me the day we met and the three of us then created their special ceremony and included Chris in the loop for his input and then divvied up the parts between Chris and me to deliver in the ceremony. Of course it was critical that I make the pronouncement of marriage since I am legally authorized to do so. We were all set for the big day, April 15, 2012, at Caffe Luna, a really fun venue for this fun couple. We had the rehearsal the day before and I met Chris, really liked him and felt good about co-officiating with him. I printed out the ceremony for him and put it in my extra ceremony book for his use.
When Marty and I arrived, the two rooms behind the main room were ready for the reception.
 The cake and cupcakes were done by friends. Aren't they cute? 
Their friend Tracy was their honorary director. She was good. At the rehearsal she caught on quickly what she needed to do on the wedding day and everything went without a hitch! Thanks, Tracy!
Peter with Island Sound was our DJ. I have worked with Peter many times and he is a pro. GW used to work for Island Sound as a DJ and so of course he called on Peter for his wedding. Videoing the wedding was "Whitewater" Grigsby, also with Island Sound. I would love a clip of this wedding, you guys! 
At the entrance of Caffe Luna, they had a wishing tree on which the guests hung notes they had written for the couple as they entered.
This is Chris, my co-officiant! I really enjoyed getting to know Chris and he did a wonderful job. I told him afterwards that he should pursue going to seminary and becoming a professional wedding officiant like me!
After the family members and wedding party entered, it was time for our gorgeous bride to be escorted in by her two nephews. The pretty flowers are by Julie Liles, Floral and Event Design.
GW and Heather are BIG fans of Princess Bride. So, Chris opened the ceremony by brilliantly delivering these words: "Mawwiage.  Mawwiage is what bwings us togethaw today.  Mawwiage, that bwessed awwangement, that dweam within a dweam...and wuv, tru wuv will fowow you foweva.” It was a huge hit and the whole wedding party cracked up! At the rehearsal we had deliberately not revealed that Chris would be saying that so it was a real surprise. Our photographers for the wedding were Ashley and Austin Green of Windy Peak Photography
The two bridesmaids on the right are Heather's beautiful sisters. 
I am telling their story here. Both the bride and the groom had been married before--to the wrong people! This time they knew without a doubt they had found their one true partner and believe me, it showed in their faces all during the ceremony. GW hardly took his eyes off Heather. They are so much in love it is palpable! They ran across each other about 2 1/2 years ago on line. Heather was working at home and GW was going to nursing school during the week and working weekends pursuing his forever dream of becoming a nurse. Neither of them were in a position to meet people nor had the time to go out. Once they met in person, the sparks began to fly and soon they were a couple. After GW graduated they have been having fun adventures and as Heather told me, "With GW, there is never a dull moment!"
 Saying their vows and sealing them with their rings.....
 The official pronouncement of marriage!
 Celebrating with a kiss!
 Stepping into the next chapter in their lives--marriage! 
GW and Heather, you have been a delight to work with. I am so glad you found each other and found me and gave me the privilege of officiating for you. Chris, you were amazing and it was good to know you had my back during the ceremony, thanks! My best wishes for you all!

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