Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Monday, February 20, 2012

Kristina and Richard Get Married at Crabtree Marriott!

Kristina and Richard were a delight to work with as well as being very much in love and devoted to each other. They actually met when they were in high school back in 2000. They dated then but went their separate ways. Out of nowhere eight years since they had seen each other, they stumbled upon each other on Facebook. Richard was living in Massachusetts and Kristina in North Carolina. This discovery led to an eight hour phone conversation which resulted in Kristina flying to Boston to spend her vacation with Richard in May of 2010. He told me that when he saw her get out of the car the evening she arrived he felt like he was 17 again! It did not take long for their love to be rekindled and a few weeks later Kristina moved to Boston. It was all very sudden and a bit abrupt but they have never regretted it. Now two years later they had returned to live in North Carolina and plan their wedding for February 18, 2012 at the Crabtree Marriott! I had such a fun time writing their story because they are quite a fun couple with a matching sense of humor. Then I had fun delivering all those funny lines at their wedding and experiencing their guests burst with laughter. Kristina's Dad said it was the best wedding ceremony he had ever heard!
Part of the large ballroom was partitioned off for the ceremony and the stage was set in place. They did their own floral decorations. I brought my handy little table for the sand ceremony and got my microphone plugged into our DJ's system. Our DJ was Brian Darocha with Complete Music. He was great to work with. Thanks, Brian!
Their photographer was Lesley Sagendorph and she prepared this photo for the signing of the guests.
It is always fun to do weddings at the Marriott because I get to see Julie Lee with the hotel. Julie and I have been working together on weddings for so many years now! She refers her friends and relatives to me for both weddings and baby blessing ceremonies. Thanks, Julie!
Our flower girl, Zoe, is ready to get down that aisle! Directly behind her is Brian, father of the bride, and to the right is Steve, father of the groom. That is Cori, bridesmaid, to the left.
Richard was hidden away while the bride scoots across the hall into an empty room to hide until it is time for her to walk down the aisle.
Our groomsmen, Chris, Steve, and Marcus are ready to escort in the guests as I speak to Richard to calm him down. He was rather antsy but said that once he got down the aisle he would be okay, and he was! Melissa, our honorary wedding director handed out programs and cued us in.
Missie, on the far left, is Maid of Honor #1, and Christina, in the middle is Maid of Honor #2. Cori, bridesmaid, and Brian, Father of the Bride, are on the right.
Once the mothers of the couple were escorted in, it was time for Richard and me to enter.
The Bridesmaids and Groomsmen entered as couples and then Zoe made her long walk down the aisle. She did a perfect job of scattering the blue and green silk petals down the aisle.
Everyone stands in honor of our beautiful bride! 
I stood to the side for the Parents' Blessing and to tell their wonderful story. 
Christina presented a reading entitled "To Love," author unknown. 
 They each read from my book a combination of vows and ring words. 
Then it was time for the sand ceremony. Their individual vases of sand overflowed the center container!
 Aaaah! Married at last! 
 Pretty sand layers! 
There was still enough light outside for pictures so we dashed out while the guests enjoyed cocktail hour.
So, here they are, Richard and Kristina, husband and wife! Richard told me before the wedding that had someone told him that he would be doing what he was doing today back in high school, he would have never believed them! Congratulations, you two! I wish you a lifetime of happiness and prosperity!

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