Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve Eve Wedding for Jennifer and Mark!

While on a business trip in California, Jennifer's mother, Judy, contacted me on December 13 about officiating for her daughter Jennifer who was marrying her sweetheart Mark on December 23, 2011 at her home in North Raleigh. She was referred to me by Greg Lewis of Catering by Design. Thanks, Greg! (I so appreciate the vendors who send couples to me. Met with a couple this week who were referred by a musician I work with.)

So, Judy and I worked out the logistics of booking the wedding and then I contacted Jennifer and Mark for details about their wedding ceremony. They wanted to remember those not able to be with us, thank Judy for her love and support, and include their baby daughter, Leila, in the ceremony. I sent them a proposed ceremony and they took it from there, making it just what they wanted and that is what is so important!
The big day arrived and Marty and I finally found our way to Judy's house. The roads in that area of Falls of Neuse up near the dam have totally been rerouted and my GPS got all confused! The day was so beautiful, a sunny bright day in the high 60s, so nice we could have done the wedding outside but all the preparations had been done inside Judy's beautiful home.
The sand ceremony was set up and ready. 
Leila is not walking solo yet but she loves to push her little cart which Jen had filled with beautiful flowers so that she could be our flower girl! She was so adorable pushing the cart into the living room!
Of course, watching strangers take pictures is a lot more interesting than watching Mommy and Daddy get married!
Jennifer was so beautiful in her gorgeous wedding gown and Mark was all dressed up and handsome too. They were planning a big party that evening to celebrate and Greg was catering.
Judy is holding not only the bride's bouquet but also the flower girl and really was fulfilling the role of Matron of Honor!
They poured their own sand, brown and white, and added Leila's which was a pretty shiny gold sand.
 The finished container leaves plenty of room to add more sand for future children they hope to have.
I wondered why  Jen avoided looking at Mark during the ceremony. Then I found out after the ceremony she was afraid that if she did, she would cry. Here's a photo where she peeked!
I made them kiss 3 times so we could get a photo and although blurry, this is the best of the three!
Hah! Married at last! Breathing a sigh of relief and happiness! 
It's celebration time!! Congratulations, Jen and Mark! It was my honor to marry you to each other and be a part of your special day. Call me when you have another baby and we can add another layer to that vase of sand! Merry Christmas to you all!

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Reverend Kayelily Middleton said...

The world gets smaller and smaller! On Christmas Day my daughter Andrea told me that she congratulated Jennifer (with whom she works at Pipers Tavern) on her marriage to Mark and asked to see pictures. In looking at the photos of the wedding later she noticed that I was the officiant! Neither Jennifer nor I had any inkling of that connection!