Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Pretty Blue Wedding for Sara and Brian at Bass Lake Park!

Sara and Brian originally met back in 2002 and exchanged pleasantries from time to time but it was not until 2008 when a mutual friend (Scott, one of our groomsmen) saw the potential match for these two and tried to get them together. After several months of putting it off, Scott, Brian and Sara finally met for drinks in  January 2009. As Scott suspected, they hit it off immediately and had a great time together. Brian invited her to his birthday party which was a week later and made sure that Scott got her there. After a couple of drinks at his party, Brian mustered the courage to ask her out and they finally had their first official date the following weekend. It was much better than either of them could have ever hoped for. They knew then that they wanted to spend a lot of time with each other. And so the story forward to their wedding on September 24, 2011 at Bass Lake Park in Holly Springs. Despite the rainy week before, they had incredibly great weather. We were so surprised to see the sun come out.
They had decorated the deck over Bass Lake with pretty blue and white paper lanterns and flower arrangements.
The chairs flanking the aisle were decorated with huge blue hydrangea blossoms.
The pedestal arrangements flanked the altar area and ferns hung from the beams of the portico. Palms lined the rail behind the altar. All the flowers were done by Patricia Wood, a friend of theirs. They were beautiful.
The wedding cake and the groom's cake were baked by Stephanie English, owner of Piece-A-Cake bakery. The Q Shack was catering. Yummm...I love their barbecue and collards! Our photographer is a friend of the couple's--Dawn with Photo Designs by Dawn from Roxboro.
A good friend of Brian's for many years is Steve Stowe, DJ, with whom I do a lot of weddings. He is with Joe Bunn DJ Company and the Lincoln Agency but he was doing this wedding as a friend and they gave him free reign on the music and he loved it.  Steve rocks!
After the wedding party had entered, it was time for our Bride and her father, David.  They are waiting for their cue to enter from Sara's Aunt Betty on the left who was our honorary wedding director. 
It had gotten rather hot with the sun out and Brian was dripping with sweat--little drops running down his face, so I decided to mop his face off. He was most appreciative and the guests and Sara loved it. I had to mop his face again before the kiss! 
Brian's adorable 9 year old son, Corey, thought it was really funny, too!
Sara and Brian wrote their own vows combined with the exchange of rings and read them to each other from my book where the words are printed facing them. Here Brian reads his vows to Sara before placing the ring on her finger. We had to be super careful not to drop the rings because to do so would risk the ring slipping between the cracks of the decking and falling into the lake!
Sara made sure Brian's ring was all the way on with a good shove! 
Congratulations, Sara and Brian! I loved your wedding and how you made it so much fun for you and your guests to celebrate your marriage. What a great time! I wish you much happiness and great joy! Corey too! He is a lucky little boy!

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