Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Sunday, October 16, 2011

What A Fun Wedding for Jackie and Steve at the Preston Woodall House!

Jackie and Steve met at Jackie's son's little league baseball practice one day in March of 2009. Steve was the assistant coach filling in for the coach who could not be there. They did not officially meet for quite a while but kept eying each other from a distance at every practice and every game. In fact, to say that these two fell in love from a distance is probably the best way to put it. Jackie made the first move after baseball season by sending Steve an email asking him out. Steve was thrilled and immediately called the number she gave in the email, but there was one little problem. Jackie had given him the wrong phone number! So he resorted to email and after this initial miscommunication they did begin to date and found that they were very compatible. After a few months they broke the news they were dating to Jackie's son only to find out they were already wise to them and of course they approved! In the end, this is the truest of love stories. Jackie's love for her sons and Steve's love for the game of baseball brought them together and forged the lifetime love between them!

So, when the time came to tie the knot, they chose Sunday October 9, 2011 at the beautiful historic Preston Woodall House in Benson for their wedding ceremony and reception. They met with me in February and loved the idea of writing their own wedding ceremony. In fact, they actually wrote their own love story for the ceremony instead of leaving it up to me and did an exceptional job! Well, it is a great love story about a great couple, you know!
The Cora Lily Ballroom was all set up for the reception in bright white and red. Fresh Affairs did the beautiful flowers. Sweet Memories did the wonderful cake. Are we surprised that the bride and groom are playing baseball on top of the cake?? The photo above is a table full of props for the photobooth! What fun! And a video showing a slide show of the couple and some sweet moments.
Our DJ was Greg Ramsey with Joe Bunn DJ Company. Always love to work with Greg. The sound was perfect, of course!  Behind the scenes were our great photographers, Shawn and Suzanne with BrealPhoto. I have never worked with them before and had just met them at the launch party for Wish Upon A Wedding this month. It was good to see them in action so soon!
Diane is the wedding/events coordinator for the Preston Woodall House. I love working with her and really appreciates all the couples she sends my way. Thanks, Diane! Weddings at this site are always a treat! 
When it was time to begin, the Mother of the Groom in blue, Susan, was escorted in by her sons, Steve's twin brothers, Jason and David, followed by their father, Perry.  Diane, Mother of the Bride, is escorted in by her sons, Mike and Chris.
Steve is so ready to get married. Can't you tell? Look at that grin!
We are awaiting the entrance of our beautiful bride! 
Jackie is escorted in by her sons, Alexander and Ethan. As they approach, Steve steps down to the bottom of the stairs for them to hand her off to him. I asked: "Alexander and Ethan, as Jackie's sons, will you and her mother, Diane, now give Jackie into the care and keeping of Steve so that they may be joined in marriage?" Of course all three answered "We do!" Then Steve assisted Jackie in ascending the steps, symbolic of taking their relationship to a higher level together.

I stepped aside to speak to the parents who are standing in the first row and ask for their blessings for this marriage. Then we recognized Alexander and Ethan and how important they are in this marriage as well. They were tickled!
The next part of the ceremony was a unique poem by Swen Nater titled "Friendship" that Steve found and was so appropriate for them. We then commenced to the wedding address in which their story is incorporated with just the right amount of humor that everyone loved.
Then they exchanged vows and rings followed by the closing blessing. I looked up at Steve, and although I had already wiped the perspiration off his face a couple of times earlier in the ceremony, he was dripping again.
 So, I had to clean him up for the pronouncement and the big kiss!
A GOOD one! Home run! 
While I was busy seeing that the bride retrieved her bouquet from Kimberly, our maid of honor, one of Steve's brothers must have pulled out a towel and passed it up to Steve. I did not know about the towel until I saw this photo! The best man, Jonas, and everyone else had a good laugh! 
Steve, where are you going in such a hurry?? First base?
Steve and Jackie, congratulations! You are a great couple! Your sense of humor and adventurous spirits are fantastic and I am so happy that you connected with each other and are now one big happy family together. I know you are so thrilled to be married at last!

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