Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rima and Jeff's Sweet Wedding at the new Hampton Inn at Brier Creek!

Jeff's mother, Carol, called me last December to plan Jeff and Rima's wedding at the new Hampton Inn at Brier Creek on May 28, 2011. It was Memorial Day weekend and luckily I had that evening open. So we got the date and time reserved on my calendar and she put me in touch with Jeff who was living in Myrtle Beach. Rima was in Jordan. Yes, 6000 miles away! Rima grew up in Jordan and attended the university there. Some years ago, Jeff's brother, Andrew, was working in Jordan and met his future wife, Suzan, who grew up in Jordan. They married and moved to the US. One Thanksgiving when Jeff was visiting his family, Suzan's dear friend, Rima, that she met at the university in Jordan came to visit. Rima was working for the US Embassy in Jordan and came to the US for some training then traveled down to Raleigh for the holidays. Although the romance between Rima and Jeff did not strike up immediately, they definitely noticed each other and started emailing. Their friendship grew and grew and Jeff proposed in February of 2010. In May of 2010, Jeff visited her in Jordan and met her extended family. Sadly Rima's parents died many years ago and she was raised by her older sister. A grand engagement party was held. They told me the story of having to traverse Jordan several times to get all the government paperwork necessary for Rima to immigrate to the US and marry. Now a year later, their wedding takes place in Raleigh, thanks to Jeff's parents who were so gracious to make all the arrangements as if Rima was their own daughter. They sure are a wonderful family and I loved being included in their special day. I did not meet Jeff and Rima until about a week prior to the wedding when they were both in Raleigh. We finished up the ceremony we had already started and had a rehearsal the night before the wedding.
When Dave and I arrived for the wedding, Courtney Scholl, their wedding planner, had gotten everything set up for the ceremony. Courtney and I have not worked together before and I was glad to be doing this wedding with her. Denise of Images by Denise did the women's hair and make-up. Ryan Pflumm with Island Sound was our DJ for the ceremony and the reception. Island Sound also provided the videographer whose name I did not get. Cydney with The English Garden did the lovely flowers. Michael with Michael's Memories was our photographer.
This spacious room at the Hampton Inn was set up with a beautiful arbor and the Unity Candle was on the half-table behind where I would stand. This is the first wedding I have done here. It has only recently opened.
In the reception room down the hall, this beautiful cake by Swank Cake Design was waiting!
Behind the ceremony room was the large beautiful hallway where they were invited for refreshments after the ceremony and before the reception. Before the ceremony, this area also served as the "holding area" for the father of the groom, Frank, on the left, his brother, Andrew,  then Jeff, and Patrick, the person who would escort Rima in. Patrick was Rima's employer at the US Embassy in Jordan and graciously offered to bring her down the aisle.
Mother and father of the groom, Carol and Frank, entered first when all the guests had arrived and been seated.
Jeff and I took our places at the front.
Then Andrew and Suzan entered together.
Next was our lovely ring bearer, Rachel, followed by our flower girl, Allison, walking down the aisle.
Rima and Patrick entered as I asked all the guests to stand. 
Patrick lifted the blusher veil and then placed Rima's hand into Jeff's hand and was seated.
Lighting of the Unity Candle. The air vents played havoc with Jeff's candle which kept blowing out but once they lit the Unity Candle, it stayed lit! 
I wish I had better photos of the ceremony but the light level was low and my little camera apparently had difficulty focusing but I had to put in this one of the pronouncement and below, the kiss!
 And out they go into their new life together.
Allison and Rachel exit as a pair of very happy girls!
Andrew and Suzan are so happy that Rima is now part of their family. Carol and Frank are too. Just think, both of their sons are married to wonderful young women from Jordan. Quite an international family!
The happy couple posed for some photos with me. Jeff and Rima, you two are made for each other and I am so glad that you found each other. I know you will be very happy together! I wish you all the happiness in the world!

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