Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Katie and Matt's Fabulous Wedding at Highgrove!

Katie and Matt met at Cary Academy. when they were both 15  After graduating from high school and college, they decided it was time to tie the knot! It was no surprise for either of their families and they were all so happy to see these two people so much in love get married and start their journey through life as husband and wife. They chose the lovely Highgrove Estate for their venue and set the date of June 11, 2011. Katie, Matt and I met one evening last August. They really liked the idea of creating their own interfaith ceremony including both Jewish and Christian elements, making it very personal and unique to them, and honoring their parents. And, so they chose me and I am so happy they did. The ceremony we created together has joined the ranks as one of my very favorite ceremonies.
The day was beautiful but a bit on the warm side. The cake was inside the garden ballroom. It was provided by Ashley Cakes. Gorgeous as always.
The garden ballroom was spacious and nice and cool! The florals were done by Jo Lynn at Victorian Seasons.
I got my theater microphone plugged into Ryan Pflumm's sound system and we did a sound check. He had put a speaker on each side of the portico and the sound was perfect.
Ryan and I have worked together for many years.
He is all dressed up for the wedding and ready for the ceremony to begin. Besides being such a very tall handsome guy, he is a great DJ! Ryan did this wedding for Island Sound DJs. He has since spun out on his own and his DJ company is appropriately named SPIN!
Katie and Matt hired one of my favorite photographers who is also one of the very best wedding photographers in this area--Brian Mullins. He and his second shooter, Jennifer Aanerud, look like they are shooting each other here! I think though that they are deciding which settings are going to be best for the intense sunlight that was beaming down at the ceremony site (and directly into my face)!
I processed in first to hold sacred space while the grandparents, parents and the rest of the wedding party enters.
I am followed by Matt and his best man, Brian.
The bridesmaids are all lined up to go next. First Christina, then Ariel (Matt's sister), then Katie.Their dresses were a beautiful soft coral which is becoming quite a popular color this year. It is a good color for everyone. I did not have a coral dress or prayer stole but since this wedding I have made one for future "coral" weddings!
Our lovely Maid of Honor is Katie's good friend, Sarah.
Here comes the bride with her father, Jeff. Katie is so pretty and her dress was perfect for her. Matt calls her hair "princess hair!"
Once we got started, I looked up at Matt through my squinted eyes (the sun was directly in my eyes when I looked at the couple) I saw sweat just dripping off his chin like a faucet! I had put one of those hand towels into my pocket and quickly retrieved it and mopped his face off many times during the ceremony. Katie did not sweat a drop! I asked her later how she managed that and she said she just "willed" it to be so!
In the beginning of the ceremony I said: "It was exactly 8 years, 3 months and 27 days ago that Matthew nervously asked Katherine to be his girlfriend..." Everyone loved that and so did Katie and Matt! 
I asked their parents to stand. Katie and Matt wrote a very special blessing for their parents and included the fact that this day was also Katie's parents' wedding anniversary.

They asked Father Daniel Nelson to share with us the words from First Corinthians 13.
And then I told the couple's story. Everyone enjoyed hearing all about their adventures followed by the reasons they want to marry each other.
 They made their vows to each other and  exchanged their rings.
Before the pronouncement of marriage I explained the Jewish custom of breaking of the glass at a wedding to honor Matt's Jewish heritage. Notice he has his foot ready!
 I made the pronouncement, he stomped the glass and we are all shouting "Mazeltov" as they kiss!
Either Matt is going for the kiss here or they have finished it!
 The new Mr. and Mrs.!
Looks like there were some latecomers who watched the ceremony from the patio.
Matt and Katie, your wedding was wonderful. I am so happy for you and I know you will have a wonderful marriage and life together. Congratulations to you both!

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