Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Friday, June 24, 2011

Elegant Wedding for Elizabeth and Brandon at Prestonwood Country Club!

Elizabeth's mother, Susan, called me from Virginia about officiating Elizabeth and Brandon's wedding on June 17, 2011 at Prestonwood Country Club in Cary. I was so glad that I was available that Friday evening. We set up a meeting for the couple and me on March 17th, got a contract signed, and got started on their ceremony. They are a delightful young couple, very much in love, and happy to be marrying.
This beautiful floral spray was the only decoration for the elegant ballroom which needed nothing else because it is such a wonderful room and perfect for weddings. The florist was Kelly Odom, always such beautiful arrangements.
Two early-bird guests had already claimed their seats! I enjoyed getting to know Christine who is the event coordinator with the club and look forward to doing more weddings at this great venue. With her help, I quickly plugged my mic into the house system and did a sound check then went to check out the reception area (right on the other side of the wall on the left) and the wedding cake.
Prestonwood is known for this very dramatic staircase and I have seen photos of weddings staged there. Today there was this huge dance floor as well.
The tables were so pretty and ready for guests to enjoy the lovely reception.
This gorgeous cake is by the baker at Prestonwood. He did a wonderful job, don't you think?
Save the Date musicians graced the ballroom with wonderful classical music.
Steve and Susan, parents of the bride, entered first then Steve returned to bring in the bride. Brandon's mother is unfortunately deceased and his father, Michael, was pre-seated.
Brandon and his men and I entered next. The color was "Glacier Blue," a light teal, and my prayer stole matched perfectly.
In come the ladies in their pretty dresses and very high heels! That is Julie Moghadam on the right who was our director for the wedding. She did a fine job. We had a slight delay due to some traffic issues and she handled it well.  She says that she would like to do more. Here is her email.

I asked the guests to stand as Elizabeth and her father floated in. Elizabeth is a beautiful young woman and her dress was simply gorgeous!
Michael and Marcy of Michael's Memories were on hand to photograph this lovely wedding. (All the photos on this blog are taken with my little Olympus digital though.)
After welcoming everyone, an opening prayer, remembering those unable to be with us, honoring the parents and words about Elizabeth and Brandon and their love and commitment to each other, the vows and rings, I pronounced them husband and wife and they sealed their vows with a kiss!
I think Elizabeth is probably saying "I can't believe we are finally married!" They are one happy couple!
Elizabeth and Brandon, thank you for choosing me to officiate your wedding. I was thrilled to be a part of your special day. I know you will be so happy and create a great marriage.

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