Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fabulous Highgrove Wedding for Brittany and Hunter!

Brittany and Hunter are such a fun couple to work with. Their wedding was a true reflection of their personalities and their love for each other. The wedding was on Saturday 5/14/11 and rain was in the forecast. Fortunately their wedding was at 11:00 AM and the rain was not slated to start until the afternoon so we did not have to go to Plan B. But, at Highgrove, Plan B is their beautiful new garden ballroom so we were covered either way. This was the first wedding I have done at Highgrove this year and the new ballroom is simply magnificent and everything they promised it would be! Click here to see it before it was finished.

The new ballroom stands where there used to be the huge tent. No more loud AC unit blowing our hair out of place as we process by it to the portico for the ceremony and no more opaque plastic windows to peer out of. There is even a fireplace to make it cozy!
The ballroom is so spacious. See the fireplace in the background.
These two lovely ladies are Ann Eberle and Susan Blakeslee with Highgrove. They made sure the processional went flawlessly and that the couple's reception was a huge success! I love it when they are in charge because it makes my job so much easier.
Ashley of Ashley's Cakes made this innovative cake for Brittany and Hunter bringing to reality their vision for their wedding cake based on one of their favorite video games called Little Big Planet. The bottom layer is the African savannah, the middle layer a Japanese garden and the top, the world. The bride and groom reflect the characters. Note the bride is even holding a little bouquet!
Their DJ was Sunny Chauhan with Entertain Your Soul to Music. His assistant, Kirsten, was on hand to give him signals when to change the music during the processional. It all worked very well. I was somewhat concerned that my receiver might not pick up the signal from my body pack because of the distance from the DJ's set up to the portico but it worked without any glitches. Sunny put one of his large speakers outside at the corner of the ballroom (you can see it in the top photo) and the sound was perfect.
The large table in the dining room where we all lined up was filled with framed photos with favorite quotations of the couple and the guest book. Speaking of photos, their photographer was Jennifer Durham with whom I had not worked before. She was gracious and patient as Marty took photos for this blog with my little camera. Jennifer's information can be found on Facebook at this link.
Hunter's best man was his maternal grandfather, Harry. Here Harry is escorting his wife, Hunter's grandmother, to her seat. Hunter explained to me that his parents divorced when he was very young and that he grew very close to his grandfather and grandmother who raised him. It was only fitting that Harry was his best man.
Lauren, Maid of Honor and sister of the bride, and Sadie, cousin of the bride, start down the aisle.
Brittany's father, Carlton, proudly escorts the bride down the aisle.
Brittany and Hunter were happy and smiling during the whole ceremony. They did not appear nervous at all and enjoyed every moment. Brittany wanted her ceremony to be no longer than 15 minutes and so that's the way it was!
They included the handfasting ceremony and Brittany made a very pretty handfasting cord of three colors of ribbon woven together. They said their vows while their hands were bound. 
Then I removed the cord, placed it around Hunter's neck and they exchanged rings which took the place symbolically of the cord.
Can you see the funny looking thing protruding from Hunter's neck/Adam's apple...that is his bowtie which spins. It was a big surprise for the guests. With his hand he could operate the little motor that made it spin when they kissed.
Away they go...married at last! Time to take some photos and celebrate!
Hunter and Brittany, I know you had a blast at your reception. Sorry I could not stick around. All the best to you both in your marriage. I know you will be so happy to be together forever!

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