Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Kristen and Josh Wed at Pop's: A Durham Trattoria!

Kristen and Josh and I met last July about their wedding November 6, 2010. They were having their wedding at Pop's: A Durham Trattoria, a place I had never been. They explained that the restaurant had recently moved and were renting out their old space on Peabody Street for events. They wanted a casual fun reception for all their guests and the old dining room was where the ceremony would take place. We had no rehearsal, so Marty and I arrived, sight unseen. Turns out the acoustics are really good in the room so I did not need my sound system at all. The primary dining room was all set for the reception. 
 The cake had been delivered and was baked by Once in a Blue Moon Bakery, all decorated with blue birds!

Matthew Kanon, classical guitarist with whom I have done so many weddings, was already set up and ready to start. Then the couple and Kaz, their photographer who is with F8 Photo Studio, arrived. I have worked with Kaz several times and always enjoy doing weddings with him. (The photos on this post, however, were taken by my "roadie," Marty, with my simple digital camera.)
After a slight delay because the shuttle to bring guests to the location never showed and the father of the bride was making round trips bringing everyone, we got started. Here is Nancy, our maid of honor, with Kristen and her father, Frank, entering next.
Kristen and Josh met at work in 2007. They discovered that they both have an offbeat sense of humor and are connoisseurs of  "shoddy cinema" (i.e. the infamously bad horror flick, Troll 2), board games, and crossword puzzles. Their guests really enjoyed hearing their story, especially Josh's creative proposal involving fictitious ice sculptures at a nearby park.   And, I had fun telling it!
They exchanged their vows and rings.
Unfortunately the photo of the kiss was a big blur but the kiss was a good one and I almost had to say "break it up!"
 I introduced the newlyweds to their guests and amid much applause they exited to the main dining room where they greeted their guests.
Kristen and Josh, you are such a well-matched couple and I predict you will have a wonderful life together! I wish you all the best!

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Turgon said...

A beautifully conducted ceremony by a very caring person, thank you!
Diane and Kent Wilson (Parents of the groom)