Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Monday, November 1, 2010

Candlelight Wedding at Page Walker for Jessica and Shaun!

When Marty and I arrived for Jess and Shaun's wedding at the Page Walker Art Gallery, several people asked me if I knew that my photo was in the elevator. And so Marty took a picture of it. I am with another couple who married here a year or so ago.
Julius Carrasco was already set up when we arrived. I had recommended the couple hire him. They went to hear him play and decided that he would be perfect for their wedding. Marty and I were coming from the 5:00 wedding at The Cotton Room which was delayed 20 minutes starting due to a late shuttle bus from a hotel. We quickly plugged my microphone into Julius' new Fender Passport 500 system and did a sound check and were ready to begin in plenty of time. It was 6:30 and growing darker and darker and more and more chilly. I was glad I brought my velvet shawl to wear.
This is the site before the guests were asked to be seated.
Right at 6:55 we began the processional. It was pretty dark by then. First the grandmothers and Shaun's parents entered. Then Rhonda, Jessica's mother, processed in carrying Logan, the couple's two month old baby.
Next our lovely bride was escorted in by her father, Martin. You can see the lighted fountain in the background. There were luminaries lining the aisle and the altar area. We knew that it would be pretty dark by 7:00 so they really brought in the lights. I had a book light with me so I could see my pages.
Not many of my photos of the ceremony turned out. It was simply too dark for my little camera. We incorporated a baby blessing of Logan during the ceremony and he was transferred into Shaun's mother's arms for the remainder of the ceremony. We also had a family unity sand ceremony combining the sand of Jess, Shaun and little Logan.
Congratulations, Jess and Shaun! We did it and I hope your wedding day met all your expectations. I am so happy for you and adorable little Logan! He peacefully slept through it all.

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