Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tisha and Matt Had a Spectacular Wedding Despite the Rain!

When Marty I arrived at The Umstead about 7:45 PM for Tisha and Matt's wedding on July 31, 2010, we had already been in one rainy wedding at Duke Gardens at 4:00 and another at 6:30 that had been moved inside to Second Empire due to rain. But it was no longer raining and the weather looked really hopeful for Tisha and Matt's outdoor candlelight wedding at The Umstead. Of course The Umstead had everything ready to go and I hooked into their sound system and did a sound check. Watered Garden Florists had set out the candles and covered the tops with plastic wrap earlier to prevent rain from collecting in the containers. That was removed right before the candles were lit and the guests seated.
 The sand ceremony containers were ready to go. There is sand for the bride and groom and their two daughters, Jasmine, 11, and Malaya, not quite one year old.
Inside at the reception area, we located the stunning cake by Sweet Memories.
The Watered Garden Florists provided beautiful centerpieces made of submerged calla lilies with floating candles on top.
Back outside, the candles had been lit and it was getting darker. The wedding was to begin at 8:45 PM and  we knew it would get darker than this.
This is what it looked like from ground level with a little flash from the camera.
Laura Byrnes had gotten her harp and lighting all set up. She was ready to play as long as the rain held off. Laura is an exceptionally wonderful harpist. I always love doing weddings with her and listening to her heavenly music.
Getting darker and darker. I was prepared for not having much light to read from my book by so I had brought my handy battery-operated book light that clipped onto my book so I was all set. I must say that I was disappointed in the amount of light and would liked to have seen more candles and perhaps an arbor covered with little white lights so that the couple would be more illuminated. But, I was not in charge of that!
This is Malaya, Tisha and Matt's daughter, with her grandmother, Elizabeth, Tisha's mother. Malaya is our flower girl and Grandmother Elizabeth is going to help her sprinkle the flower petals down the aisle!
About 8:35 as the guests were being seated, the rain started. Laura and her harp had to be moved inside so unfortunately we could not hear her beautiful music very well out in the garden. Out of nowhere materialized a whole rack of clear plastic umbrellas furnished by The Umstead. Ami Wheeler, catering and events manager with The Umstead, is always on the ball and prepared for whatever may come along.Thank you, Ami!
The guests had umbrellas but the sudden start of rain got the chairs wet and they did not want to sit down! But, they eventually did, or at least most of them.
The Bride and Groom decided to go forward with the wedding outside despite the rain so we began. I was game for whatever they wanted. It was not raining that hard and although I carried an umbrella I did not use it but kept it close by in case it started raining harder. I was planning on recruiting a groomsman to hold the umbrella for me as I conducted the ceremony. But, not needed.
Matt escorted in his mother, Bonnie, and then took his place beside me.
Then the groomsmen escorted in the bridesmaids. This pretty young lady is Tisha's daughter, Jasmine.
Malaya started out pretty well but she wanted to pick up the petals she dropped! Finally Elizabeth picked her up and carried her on in the rest of the way. Malaya was just adorable and just being age-appropriate!
Tisha and her father, Bobby, enter and take the long walk down the aisle. Tisha's wedding gown was so beautiful and so perfect for her.
And so the ceremony began. It did not rain hard enough for me to have to skip parts but I did speak faster than usual! The guests were such good sports staying out there in the rain. Tisha and Matt were so focused on each other and what they were doing that they did not even seem to notice a few raindrops!
You can see our photographer, Jack Simsek of Bridal Spectrum Photography, behind us. Because it was so dark, he had to get really close to us to get good photos and obviously he had to use flash as well. And, he had to be so careful not to knock over any of the candles. I am glad that I was the minister and not the photographer!
The bridesmaids used their umbrellas!
The guys did not have any umbrellas but they were tough!
I believe here I am recounting the couple's story of how they met and fell in love. Matt was laughing rather sheepishly so I must have said something about how shy he was at first around Tisha or the fact that he had promised to make her chicken soup and had never gotten around to it!
I show you this photo so that you can see that some of the guests did finally sit down!
The candles really were pretty. A few flames were extinguished by raindrops but not noticeable. You can see here how well my little light illuminated my book and my dress!
Jasmine brought Malaya forward and this happy family of four poured their sand together. The colors were really beautiful.
This is how it looked inside after the ceremony.
Time to make the required pronouncement of marriage and bring this ceremony to a close! The lighted fountain behind us makes it look like Tisha's veil is on fire!
The kiss and then another one on the way out! Way to go, Matt and Tisha!
Now back in the dry hotel room and ready to celebrate! Matt and Tisha, I wish you a lifetime of happiness and joy and a little boy someday!

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