Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Beautiful Southern Wedding for Meghan and Mark at The Sutherland!

Meghan and Mark came to see me in March to plan their wedding at The Sutherland in Wake Forest on August 21, 2010. The Sutherland is a wonderful restored historic plantation and manor house and the perfect setting for their wedding. Ashlee Adams, one of the owners, is great to work with and takes care of every detail with her years of expertise. Mark told me while we were waiting for the ceremony to begin that Meghan had put him in charge of one thing for the wedding since he had worked in the food service industry--the food! He chose Shuckers for their rehearsal dinner which was a grand success and Thrills from the Grill to cater their reception. They met the owner and chef, Belo Shelton, at the Southern Bridal Show and knew that his Southern cooking would be perfect for their wedding. Mark said he was delighted to see them on the top of The Sutherland's preferred vendor list.
They chose Cinda's Creative Cakes to make their lovely wedding cake. There were about 120 guests.
Arioso Strings provided the great music for the ceremony. I have worked with these guys so many times and they always perform superbly. Ed Stephenson on guitar even brought along his fan for the hot weather! Ed plays at local restaurants like Buku in downtown Raleigh. Craig, on violin, has played at many weddings I've officiated this summer as part of a duo or trio. Always a pro--rain or shine!
When it was time to begin, the grandmothers and mothers were escorted in. Then the guys and I entered and took our places up front.
After the bridesmaids entered, it was time for Brayden, our ring bearer to enter. He was shadowed by his father so that he would stay on track. He made it down the aisle and up onto the platform where he proceeded to sit down and rip off all the ribbons on the pillow with great determination! I think that he had been told that he was to give some rings to someone and was doing his best to get to them!
If you click on the above photo for a larger image, you will notice that some of the guests are looking back to see the flower girl coming in. The rest of us up front were watching Brayden do his thing to the ring pillow and having a good chuckle. I did step over and pick up the ribbons and stuff them in my pocket. After the wedding someone asked me if I had them and I was happy to be reminded they were in my pocket and give them back. She said she was going to sew them back on the pillow!
Here comes our pretty flower girl, Halle. She knew exactly what to do and did her job beautifully. Stacy Borelli of Swank Photo Studio was their photographer. It is always fun to do weddings with Stacy. She is so flexible and laid back and takes the most amazing photos. Thanks, Stacy. Stacy is probably crouching there with a telephoto lens capturing the actions of Brayden!
Meghan is a beautiful young woman and her dress was perfect for her. Her father, George, proudly escorts her in. Meghan's mother died when she was 10 years old.  Meghan's brother, Tim, placed a rose in the chair  that would have been hers in her memory and she was remembered during the ceremony as well. There were some emotional moments and I believe George was feeling some as he brought Meghan down the aisle.
I guided Meghan and Mark in creating a very meaningful and unforgettable wedding ceremony. They met 12 years ago while in high school. They were attracted to each other then but the timing was not right. Mark told me that he knew, even back then, that someday she would be his girlfriend. It was many years later after high school and college that they encountered each other on Christmas Eve in 2006 and made a date for the next day, Christmas Day. They soon became an inseparable couple and Mark knew in his heart that Meghan would one day be his wife although she laughed when he first told her! What a wonderful love story they have and their guests and family loved hearing it on their wedding day.
Exchange of vows and rings, sand ceremony, the pronouncement, the kiss and closing blessing and they are married! Just like that!
Finally, says Mark! It is time to have some fun and enjoy being married at last. Meghan and Mark, you are a fine couple and I know you are so happy to be together forever! My blessings and congratulations!

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