Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Vanessa and Ryan have their Dream Wedding at Preston Woodall House!

Vanessa always dreamed of having her dad walk her down the aisle and told me she just would not feel like she was married until that dream came true. And so, she diligently pursued it despite some bumps in the road. And Ryan was behind her all the way in realizing her dream. On May 30, 2010, the dream became a beautiful reality for Vanessa and Ryan as their wedding took place at the historic and elegant Preston Woodall House in Benson, NC. Their friends and family gathered from far and wide. The day was sunny and although we were relieved that it was not raining, the weather was quite hot and humid. We stayed inside until the last moment then began the ceremony as the guests got seated.
The guys and I gathered on the deck off the Cora Lily Ballroom waiting for the grandparents and parents to get seated then made our entrance. Then the bridesmaids took their places with us in the Queen Anne Pavilion.
Our beautiful bride and her father floated down the aisle. It was truly a dream come true for Vanessa and you can see it in her big smile!
And so the ceremony began. What a handsome group of guys and beautiful girls with their hot pink flowers.
Ryan takes a good look at all the guests as he takes in the reality of it all.
I think this is where I said something like "Let's make way for the love train" as a train nearby blew through town. It made the wedding more memorable than ever and all the guests loved it.
Ryan is saying his vows to Vanessa here. I thought she was going to cry but she held up. Really, crying at a wedding is so sweet and touching. Tells me the couple are really feeling the moment and the importance of their vows.
Vanessa is saying her vows to Ryan at this moment. I can tell because my finger is on the place in my book where she left off reading them as she looked up at Ryan. There were some good chuckles for all of us in their vows. (I print the couple's vows in my book and flip them vertically so they are facing them. Then they can hold hands and not fumble with a piece of paper or index card.)
After the rings were exchanged, we did the rose ceremony. Ryan's mother and Vanessa's sister who was standing in for her mother handed the couple the roses symbolizing the importance of their families in their marriage. It was so touching.
And now the pronouncement of marriage. Can you tell we are all dripping with sweat? No, that is the great thing about these photos, that does not show at all!
They turned and faced their guests and I introduced them as Mr. and Mrs., at last!
And the deed is done! They are ready to cool down, relax and enjoy the reception in the ballroom as their dream day continues!
Cooling down in the ballroom..........Vanessa and Ryan, I am so honored to have been part of making your dream wedding come true. More power to you both and I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness!
Vanessa's grandmother, Marti, did all the flowers including the centerpieces, the bouquets, boutonnieres and the flowers adorning the wedding cake. She is a florist, obviously, and lives in Ohio. She had the flowers shipped to Raleigh then stored them in her hotel room that she kept at 50 degrees to keep them fresh. They are so beautiful. I love the pearls in the center of each rosebud.

Preston Woodall House in Benson NC is only 40 miles from Raleigh. It is a restored and renovated historic old Southern home and bed and breakfast of the highest quality and a great setting for a wedding. The owners have procured the houses surrounding the property and turned them into quaint guest cottages where wedding guests can stay. I have been doing weddings here about 10 years now. They have a dedicated chef and the amenities are the best! It is truly a very special place and I love doing weddings here..

This beautiful wedding cake is by Ambrosia Cake Creations in Fuquay Varina. It was chocolate with strawberry filling and butter cream frosting.

Our wedding DJ was Daniel Clodfelter with Anything Music. He did a great job of providing sound for me for the ceremony. Thanks, Daniel.

Ryan Murphy of Katwalk Studios wore three hats for Vanessa. She did her hair, makeup, and was our photographer! What a talented lady! Thanks, Ryan.

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