Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"Choose your best man carefully!"

A friend of mine who is a minister in Wilmington sent me this video today that is apparently going around on the internet. It depicts a clumsy best man and what happens is very funny, but the poor bride and the minister! It is definitely a wedding day never to be forgotten by the bride and groom....and minister!

The wedding setting is beautiful and so are the lovely yellow bridesmaid dresses. One thing I do notice though is that while the minister is asking them their vows, the bride and groom are not touching in any way--just standing there with their arms and hands dangling at their sides and probably wondering what they should be doing with their hands! That looks very odd to me. After all, they are getting married and touching each other is natural!

When I am doing a wedding, I like for the bride and groom to hold hands. It is a gesture of love and support and it gives them something to do with their hands! I have found that having the bride and groom facing each other holding both hands, centered in front of me is the ideal positioning for the three of us. This way the couple can look at each other, their guests and me by just turning their heads. And, the guests get to see them in profile and not just their backs.

There are some exceptions when the bride and groom choose to do it differently, and I am okay with that too. Nicole and Jeremy chose to stand up on a landing in front of their guests with the rabbi and I down on floor level facing them with our backs to the guests. We did turn around when we were addressing the guests during the ceremony. Another way to stand in which the bride and groom can be seen from the front is where I stand to one side facing the guests and the couple stand together on the other side facing the guests. It is sort of a V formation where I stand on one leg of the V and the couple on the other. I turn so that I am almost facing them and they almost facing me. When it comes time for their vows and rings we move into the other position with the couple facing each other holding hands in front of me for the rest of the ceremony, until they turn and face their guests to be presented at the end.

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