Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Friday, August 15, 2008

A Surprise Wedding for the Bride!

Gary called me Thursday morning 8/14 while I was at the hairdresser so I did not answer. When my hair was done I checked to see if the caller had left a message but he didn't. So, I called the unknown number and asked if anyone had called me. Gary said yes and that he had called a bunch of ministers and I was the only one who called him back. He wanted to get married the next evening in their home in Fuquay Varina and wanted to surprise the bride! When I said that he would need to get the marriage license, he told me that he and Adis had gotten the marriage license the week before but had not made plans for the wedding yet. With that little detail taken care of, I told him that I would be happy to officiate. We talked about the kind of ceremony he wanted and then he said he needed to get the rings and could I recommend a place to get them. I asked him where he was and it turned out that he and I were talking to each other by cell phone in the same parking lot! So, we got out of our cars and met each other face to face! Wild, huh?

When I arrived to do the wedding Friday night, the downstairs was in a flurry of being decorated by their friends. I said to Gary that the bride must surely know by now. But he said no, she was upstairs with her girlfriends getting dressed to go out to dinner with friends--or so she thought! Gary had thought of everything--rings, cake, decorations, food, music, guests, runners, rose petals, a bouquet for Adis, a ring pillow for Gabriel, and even a garter! Isn't that sooooo romantic? What a guy! I had offered to bring the sand ceremony set up which I did along with my handy little table to put it on. My husband Dave came with me and took photos.

When we were all ready, Adis was fetched from upstairs and truly she did not have a clue! Amazing! When she got over the initial shock, Gabriel, their 2 year old son, preceded his mother and her escort down the aisle to in front of the fireplace where Gary and I were waiting. I think she was still in some shock though--having never seen me before in her life! She was so happy though and a great sport. We had a lovely ceremony. Gary had pre-approved the ceremony via email Thursday night and they read their vows to each other. I trusted that he knew what she would like, after all he even knew her ring size. In the sand ceremony we included Gabriel and Adis' older son, Orlando, by proxy because he was visiting grandparents in Florida at the time. Cameras were flashing all around and their friend Andy was doing the video. The ceremony concluded with the kiss and much applause from their happy friends and family.
Gary, you really pulled this one off in grand style! Congratulations to you both!

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