Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Monday, July 10, 2017

Lauren and Cade's Beautiful Wedding at The Merrimon-Wynne House!

Lauren and Cade met in 2006 when they were both students at the University of Florida. Their attraction to each other was immediate but at that stage of their lives they concentrated on their education and the relationship grew slowly and steadily. Now almost 11 years later, they have weathered the typical storms of relationships, Cade proposed, and they set about planning their wedding. Their wedding was July 1st 2017 at the historic Merrimon-Wynne House in downtown Raleigh. It was a beautiful sunny day and a little on the hot side--typical for July in North Carolina.
After getting my microphone on and doing a sound check with Steve Stowe of BunnDJ Company, I paid a visit to the groom's room where all the groomsmen were congregated. There I got Cade's brother, Cody, signature on the marriage license.
They guys were all ready with boutonnieres pinned on their jackets and were joking around with each other--and me! There were 9 groomsmen plus 2 junior groomsmen!
Now to the Bride's suite where Lauren was getting a back and neck massage from one of her maidens! 
Lauren's sister, Allie, signed the marriage license for me.
Back downstairs the area for the guest book and gifts is ready.
A peek out the window at the ceremony site. 
I found a quiet spot to review the ceremony.
Photos of the couple on the old mantle.
The guests are being directed to their seats by our wedding planner/director, Lynn Scott with Happily Ever After. Heba Salama, our photographer and one of my former brides, is heading towards the guests.
Lauren and Cade love bluegrass music so they had this trio play for the ceremony and cocktail hour.
Jason Jenning, our videographer, is getting set up. Jenn Aan, our second shooter is behind him. 
The sun is very bright and it is hot!
Lynn brings the processional line-up out the front door around to the ceremony site. 
I think Jame McKimmon would appreciate the beautiful weddings that take place in her old homestead although it has been moved from its original location to Blount Street and totally restored.
Cade's parents Doc and Diana, step forward.
I like that the groomsmen did not wear ties in this heat. Nevertheless, Cade pulled out his handkerchief to mop his face.
The whole wedding party! 
I headed in first followed by Cade and his groomsmen.
The bridesmaids and junior groomsmen are all in place and waiting for the bride. Once she is presented by her father, all the attendants will be seated except for the maid of honor and best man.
Heba is getting a great shot of Lauren and her father Barry entering. 
Lauren hands off her bouquet and her father answers my question then transfers her hand into Cade's while the guests and attendants are being seated.
Cade tends to be on the shy side but he is doing great and I see a little smile growing on his face!
Everyone was greeted and welcomed then we bowed our heads in prayer and memory of those no longer with us.  The florals on the arbor are stunning thanks to the couple's florist, Gregg Kennedy with Brides and Bouquets.
I stepped out from under the arbor to speak with the parents. This is a surprise for them--a tribute to their love and support of our couple throughout their lives. Brings some tears from the mothers!
Then I told the story of how Lauren and Cade met. The story was sprinkled with humor.
Cade is all relaxed now and enjoying the ceremony with Lauren who is so "in the moment" for her wedding. 
A humorous moment here!
More! The guests were loving it! 
And now to reveal what they love about each other!
Making their vows to each other. 
Everyone seems to be paying attention! 
Time for the ring exchange.
Lauren says the words to Cade as she puts the ring on his finger.
A closing blessing before the pronouncement of marriage.
Lauren is letting my words sink in for this pivotal moment while Cade watches her with a smile.
First kiss as wife and husband! 
Allie hands Lauren her beautiful bouquet and I invited the guests to stand and join me in congratulating our newlyweds.
And away they go--married at long last! 
A dash to the front porch to wait for the ceremony area to clear before coming back for pictures.
Cade and Lauren, you did it spectacularly! Congratulations to you both. With your dedication and love for each other, I know you will have a very happy marriage. I wish you all the best forever!

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