Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Corey and Tyler Wed at Cedar Grove Acres!

Cedar Grove Acres in Creedmoor is a pretty cool place! Corey and Tyler liked the rustic setting, the variety of activities for wedding guests and the easy-going nature of the owners, Richard and Paula Kolarov. This was the first wedding I have done there. 
Corey and Tyler's wedding was May 27th, 2017. It was a hot day made hotter by the humidity and the forecast was for spotty showers. We had our fingers crossed! But it turned out to be just fine!
Off to the side is a meadow that is the perfect place for the ceremony. There is a platform for the wedding party to stand on and an arbor to decorate. The walk is compacted sand with a brick frame. Much easier to walk on than concrete and does not snag the bride's train either! I think the two guys handing out programs are the bride's brothers, Joseph and Ian.
The structure behind the chairs is the site of the reception. It is called the Hay Shack. The sides are open with a deck overlooking the ceremony. That is also where our DJ, Eric Hodgden, All Around Raleigh DJ is set up.
I have plugged my mic into Eric's body pack and now making my way down to the arbor to do a sound check.
Eric is happy the way the sound works and agrees that this is a great place for a wedding! 
There are many different buildings. This one is where the bar is set up. 
Looking down the way from the drive up area is this wide expanse of gravel with cornhole boards. That is Paula in the red shirt on the left. The building on the right is where Southern Harvest Catering is set up to prepare the food. Just in front of it is a lemonade and water stand.
Quentin Dyson, day of planner with the caterer, got all the wedding party lined up and cued us in. I have already processed in with Tyler and now the guys are coming in. The bridesmaids are ready and the bride is hidden around the corner. 
It's a fairly good walk. You can see that I am almost at the arbor with Tyler. 
Here come the bridesmaids! Dave is shooting just behind Cristobal Perez with Azul Photography, our professional photographer who is so kind to let Dave snap these photos for this blog!
As the last bridesmaid makes her way to the arbor, the guests began to stand for the bride. Note all the cell phones ready to get a record of this!
Here comes our beautiful bride with her proud father, Paul.
After the presentation of the bride, all the guests were seated and Tyler and Corey stepped up onto the platform and faced each other for the ceremony. I began with a warm welcome to everyone.
Then I stepped out from behind the couple and thanked their parents on their behalf for all their love and support. 
Then it was time to tell the story of how Corey and Tyler met, how they fell in love and all their adventures together. We had some good laughs too!
Next were the secret paragraphs and then the exchange of vows and rings. 
Tyler placed the ring on Corey's finger as he read the words from my book.
Then Corey made her vows to Tyler and placed the ring on his finger. 
After a closing blessing, I made the pronouncement of marriage and invited them to kiss! 
No problem here! 
They turned and faced their guests. My mic kept sliding off my ear because I was perspiring so much! Introduced them as husband and wife to their guests and the recessional music began amid cheering and applause!
And away they go! 
Corey's mother, Margaret is escorted out by her two sons, Ian and Joseph, followed by Paul.
Kevin and Patricia, Tyler's parents followed. 
Quentin directing the guests where to go. They told me there were some raindrops falling but I never felt any and besides, they went away. I heard one guest say that there was a rainbow over the trees!
Getting unplugged now and relaxing. Eric is so much fun to work with. We are both members of the NC Wedding Ring and love working weddings together.
Quentin helped me round up the witnesses to sign the marriage license. 
Almost done! 
Meantime, Quentin and Eric are putting the fabric drape that was on the arbor onto the rafters over the sweetheart table.
Got a quick photo with Quentin. He is such fun! If you book Southern Harvest for your caterer, he comes with the deal! 
Watching the guests mingle while re-hydrating with a cup of water! 
Off toward the open field to the left of the catering barn is a great fire pit. 
Congratulations, Corey and Tyler! Fabulous wedding you pulled off! It was great working with you and getting to know you. My honor to join you in matrimony! I wish you a fabulous marriage and all the happiness in the world!

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