Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Brooke and Chris' Fantastic Wedding at Rock Quarry Farm!

Brooke and Chris are the sweetest couple! I really enjoyed working with them to create a very special ceremony for their wedding. It was June 3rd, 2017 at Rock Quarry Farm. The owners are relatives of Chris and that made this DIY wedding planning a bit easier. Brooke graduated from Veterinary School 21 days prior to the wedding and still managed to pull everything together for a fabulous wedding!
June 3rd was a beautiful day. It was not too hot in the shade and when we pulled up, we saw this old truck that served as the gift table and the welcome sign.
The guests had not yet arrived and all was being readied for the big day. 
I met Miles, son of the owner of Rock Quarry Farm, down at the ceremony site to hook my microphone into his sound system. He played guitar for the wedding. Worked perfectly!
Justin Robinson, their photographer from Virginia, had the groomsmen corralled behind the barn getting some good picture.
There they are! 
Inside the barn the tables were set up. They even had a small table for the children! The florals, cake and catering were done by their families. Everyone pitched in to make this a great celebration. 
A view from one end of the barn to the other. 
The Sand Band was set up to provide music for the reception and lots of dancing!
Chris' cousin Bobbie made this beautiful cake for them.
The ceremony site is mostly in the sun. Thankfully the wedding party area was in the shade. 
Nice wedding program fan-style!
The guests signed the board for their guest book. 
After most of the guests had arrived, the grandmothers arrived and were escorted to their seats. 
We had several grandmothers attending.
Speaking with Christina, friend of the couple who was their director. Because the guests would have to sit in the sun, we delayed seating everyone until the grandmothers had arrived.
A few guests chose to stand to the side in the shade rather than sit down. I was concerned that they might not be able to hear me. But I think they did judging by the laughter during the ceremony!
We got all lined up and the mothers were escorted in first. 
Time to walk! 
Now for the pretty bridesmaids in their pretty coral dresses. 
Kynlee, our flower girl, and Aubrey, our ring bearer, are just 3 years old. They did amazingly well! 
Here they go! 
Aubrey heads on down. 
Look at all those people! 
Then it was time for our beautiful bride and her proud father, Mike. 
After the transfer of hands, we began with a hearty welcome to all, a prayer and in memoriam. 
Then I stepped out to address the parents and surprise them with a sweet blessing that included their wedding dates and where they were married. Chris' dad was one of his groomsmen.
And now for the story of how their paths first crossed and what attracted them to each other. 
Their friends kind of pushed them together but it did not take them long to find out how compatible they were and how much they both love fishing. So for the proposal, Chris waiting until their trip to Costa Rica including deep sea fishing and dining on their catch to propose by candlelight. We all know how Brooke answered!
They wrote their own vows and read them to each other from my book. 
Sweet Kynlee really does not understand what is going on but she is quiet and fairly attentive! What a beautiful little girl.
Time to exchange their rings. Chris repeats after me as he slips the ring on Brooke's finger. 
Then Brooke slips the ring on Chris' finger as she says her ring vows. 
During the closing blessing I asked them to turn and look at their guests and feel all the love coming their way! 
Just a little mopping off before the pronouncement and kiss.
They become husband and wife!
Chris made sure the kiss was long enough to get a picture! 
That moment when reality sinks in! 
Presentation of the newlywed couple to their guests. 
And away they go! 
The guests exited quickly to get out of the sun and enjoy cocktails back under the shelter.
Chris and Brooke, congratulations on your marriage. I loved working with you and being part of your big day. It was fabulous. You did a great job! I wish you the best always!

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