Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Monday, May 1, 2017


On April 29th 2017 Jenn and Matt were married! Their beautiful wedding was at the historic All Saints Chapel in downtown Raleigh.
It was a nice day--a little on the warm side for April--and better inside where it was cool. Sally Oakley was their wedding planner and everything was going according to plan. Kevin Seifert, a professional photographer, again volunteered to take these photos for my blog for me. He is so good. These are the best photos I have ever seen of the chapel. 
All the florals were by Expressions of Love florist. Very pretty, elegant and simple. 
Darcie is getting ready to sign the marriage license for me. She is the Maid of Honor. 
Bryan, our Best Man, has done his legal duty by signing the marriage license. I collect the signatures before the ceremony when I know it is going to happen. The license is not legally complete until I sign it after the ceremony and send it in to the issuing register of the deed.
I like to do a "boutonniere check" before  the wedding to make sure they are secure and do not turn sideways or upside down or fall off during the ceremony. They guys had pinned them on but not very securely.
The chapel is ready.
The candles are lit. 
This is a beautiful stained glass window of Jesus as shepherd with the lamb. This chapel was built in 1875 and this is the third location for it in downtown Raleigh. It was moved to its final spot several years ago and I have done many, many weddings here.
Talking with Caroline with the Chapel, Sally our planner/director, and Diane with the chapel before the ceremony begins.
I would really like to know the symbolism and meaning of this intricate stained glass that is above the loft of the chapel. There is the Christian cross, the Star of David, and a crown. I am sure the stars and other symbols have specific meaning too. The website calls it a "gothic cross configuration."
Looking down from the loft we see Anna and Brent Dietrich who own Live View Studios, our couple's official photographers. They are really good photographers and I like working with them.
Pretty image of the old lanterns that hang from the ceiling of the chapel. 
Sally has gotten the groomsmen to come up from the lower level and be ready to escort the guests in. 
In the meantime, I like to take a quiet moment to sit down and review the ceremony script. 
The guests are pouring in! 
Sally helps one of the grandmothers with her corsage. Not always easy to pin these on dresses. 
Pointing out to the ushers/groomsmen empty seats in the second row. It was almost full.
Grandparents were escorted in first, then the parents of the groom, Bonnie and Allen, entered. Then Kathryn, mother of the bride, was escorted in by Dylan and Ryan and they circled back.
The music changed then I led the groom and his men in to take our places up front. 
The bridesmaids entered one by one and filled in the other side of the altar. Then time for the bride.
Here comes the bride! 
Randy answered my question and then placed Jenn's hand into Matt's hand. She gave her father a little kiss then he was very careful not to step on her train as he took his seat.
A wedding is such a wonderful occasion filled with hopes, dreams, and excitement! Welcome! 
Following the Welcome was a sweet blessing for the couple.
Then I stepped out and spoke to their parents thanking them for their love and support.
Our pretty bridesmaids! 
Launching into the story of how they met and fell in love. It was destiny, of course. 
Once they met in 2013, they quickly became a couple and Matt proposed in 2015.
Then what they love about each other and what they are looking forward to in marriage. 
They made their vows to each other. 
May I have the rings, please?
They sealed their vows with their rings. 
Caught Matt looking at that ring on his finger! 
I pronounced them husband and wife and invited them to seal their vows with a kiss as I quickly moved out from behind them. I don't want to be in the photo of the kiss!
Good job, Matt and Jenn! 
What a nice looking couple who are so perfectly matched for each other. 
What's so funny? I don't remember! 
Jenn and Matt, congratulations on a wonderful wedding. I know you will have much happiness and joy! 

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