Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Kathy and Allen Start the New Year with Their Wedding!

There is a kind of wedding that I just love doing. I call them "reunion weddings." And they are not that uncommon. I love the stories of how the bride and groom knew each other as kids then many years later reconnect. 
On February 20th of 2016, in my wedding garden, Kathy escorted her daughter, Stephanie, down the aisle with her grandson, Matthew. The following September Kathy contacted me to see if I would officiate her wedding to Allen in my garden on New Year's Day 2017 in my wedding garden. I was thrilled to do so! (See Stephanie's wedding here.)
Seems that she and Allen knew each other in high school when they were kids. They flirted with each other but never dated. They went their separate ways after high school for more than 40 years until they met again at a high school reunion. Finding themselves both single, the attraction was rekindled and blossomed into a soft comfortable kind of love they both wanted. 
The rain on New Year's Day dashed out plans for a wedding in my garden so we moved it to Stephanie's clubhouse in Cary. It was perfect. The guest list mushroomed too.
Here comes the bride! 
Kathy and Allen are on the left. in the center is Matthew, Stephanie's son, and his girlfriend. The sweet little girl is Riley, daughter of Josh, Stephanie's husband.
It was so good to see this family again. Riley was not quite so shy at this wedding! I straightened her collar. 
Allen and I took our places up front and waited for Stephanie, then her mother. 
Kathy was escorted in by her grandson, Matthew. 
Transferring Kathy's hand into Allen's. 
And the ceremony began. 
Asking Allen the vows to which he answered "I do."
Kathy's turn......
Now for the rings...
Kathy really enjoyed putting that ring on Allen's finger...
I loved pronouncing them married! 
That's the best shot of the very brief kiss that I got! 
The newlywed couple! Time to celebrate! 
Here is the whole family from the left: Matthew, Allen, Kathy, me, Stephanie, Morgan (Stephanie's daughter), Josh and Riley. Yay!
Great to see Josh and Stephanie again and hear that they are doing so very well. 
Allen and Kathy, congratulations!!  I am so happy you found each other again! I know you are going to be so happy together!

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