Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Krissy and Michael's Fabulous Wedding at the Carolina Inn!

Krissy and Michael's beautiful wedding was October 29th, 2016 at The Carolina Inn. I was first contacted about officiating this wedding by Michael's mother who was helping them out with researching vendors. His parents live in Tennessee. I was happy I was available and so when the couple, who live in Charlotte, were in town, we met and hit it off. 
After setting up my sound system and doing a sound check, I was off to find the bride and get the marriage license signed by the maid of honor. This incredible cake that looks like a box of Krispy Kreme Donuts was there. Titled "Michael's Chocolate Dream Cake" I am not sure what it was doing in the bride's suite but it sure was amazing. I am assuming that Cinda's Creative Cakes made it since they did the traditional wedding cake below. 
This beautiful cake was down in the Old Well Room where the reception took place. 
Back in the Bridal Suite Krissy is ready! Our sweet flower girl, Rebecca, niece of the bride, is ready too. 
Back to the area outside the Old Well Room, we watched the guys set up this ice sculpture. 
On the bureau outside in the hallway were family wedding photos of the bride and groom's parents and grandparents.
Sitting there next to the bureau were Krissy's grandparents John and Vivian. How wonderful to have them at the wedding. They were thrilled to be there too.
Florian Music plays heavenly music for the guests who are being seated. 
The pretty floral swirls in the aisle by Tre Bella Flowers
I love the curved seating arrangements. The first row awaits the family to be escorted in. 
The altar area on the steps are decorated with candles and white and gray pumpkins--a variation on the fall theme. 
Another view of the guests as we are lining up to be directed in by our wedding director, Tia Jones with Erin McLean Events.
After the seating of the grandparents and parents, Michael and I enter followed followed by his brother Will who is his best man.
The bridesmaids follow and are seated on the front row. Only the Maid of Honor, Ashley, sister of the bride will stand during the ceremony.
Here comes our beautiful bride entering from the portico escorted by her father, Ed. 
The guests stand in their honor.
The transfer of hands is made and the guests invited to be seated. 
Krissy and Michael took me to heart when I told them to choose the words they wanted spoken at their ceremony. They sent me a first draft after looking over all the material I sent them links to.
I love it when the bride and groom actively participate in the ceremony creation process. We began with a welcome, opening prayer, in memoriam, and blessing of the parents.
The telling of their story was next prefaced by words from First Corinthians. Exactly what happened the night they met in 2011 involved two different versions and the guests were invited to decide for themselves. It was quite humorous! Of course they met while students at UNC hence the wedding at The Carolina Inn. After the story they heard their secret paragraphs. Then the statements of intent,  vows and rings followed.
Krissy places the ring on Michael's finger.
I am not sure what is funny here but we are having a good time! 
A closing blessing!
                                               The moment they become husband and wife!
Sealing their vows with their first kiss as husband and wife!
Presentation of the Newlyweds! 
Ahh! Married at last! 
After Dave and i packed up my sound system, we hopped in my car and drove down the street to the Old Well on the UNC Campus right down the street from the Carolina Inn to get a photo of the 3 of us. Their professional photographer was J. Darren Photography from Greensboro. When I got there, there had been an unfortunate accident. The train of Krissy's gorgeous wedding dress had gotten caught in the axel of the golf cart and had ripped the skirt in the back. They had gotten it loose from the wheel but the back of the dress was not only in tatters but had black grease on it. Oh dear. Since I was parked on the street right there and kept a good pair of scissors in my car, I got them and literally trimmed off the tattered part of the train. But before they dashed back to the Inn, we posed for these photos and you would never know there had been a problem. Krissy was handling this so well whereas another bride would have been in meltdown! Fortunately when they got back to the Inn, her mother and sister used white safety pins and needle and thread and pulled the cut ends together and no one was the wiser until told what happened. So, any brides reading this, be very careful of your dress if you ride in a golf cart!
Krissy and Michael, a wonderful beautiful wedding! Unforgettable for so many reasons! I loved working with you to make your ceremony exactly what you wanted. Thank you for choosing me to join you in marriage. I wish you happiness, health and love forever!

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