Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Amy and Gavin's Beautiful Wedding at Raleigh Rose Garden!

Amy and Gavin's wedding on October 9th, 2016 at the Raleigh Rose Garden was the Sunday after Hurricane Matthew blew through Raleigh the day before. In fact, our rehearsal was during the hurricane and most of us were wet to the bone when we were done. Who would have believed that the next day, the wedding day, would dawn sunny and clear and the garden that had been like a lake had drained dry. And so we were able to proceed as planned and not have to resort to any Plan Bs. It felt like a miracle!
Amy is a very creative young woman. She is into theater and arts and hers and Gavin's wedding was a reflection of this interest and ability. She definitely had a vision for her wedding which, with the help of Sally Oakley, her wedding planner, was brought into fruition. I thoroughly enjoyed crafting the wedding ceremony with Amy and Gavin.
I am sure Amy designed this very unique wedding program!
It was just phenomenal that the grass was not a bit muddy or squishy! The chairs have been placed, I set up my sound system up front. The table for the wine ceremony is ready up front. The 9th Street Ramblers Bluegrass band is playing. We are ready to go!
They had snacks for folks after the wedding in the shelter in the back of the garden while they waited for the shuttle bus to take them to The Stockroom for the reception. 
 Let's go, Gavin! Gavin is from England and his family and friends came to the States for this wonderful wedding!  The large wedding party entered after we did. 
Amy's mother, Cathy, was delighted to escort her daughter down the aisle! (Sally is in the background with a big grin on her face at how this wedding has come together!)
 Not only did Cathy wish Amy well, she had to give Gavin a hug too! 
 Now to get down to the business of getting these two married! 
After welcoming everyone, especially those who came from "across the pond," we remembered our couple's grandparents and how important they were in their lives. Then a sweet tribute to their parents.
Before launching into their story, I asked their community of friends and family to support their marriage and they enthusiastically agreed!
Amy and Gavin's paths first crossed back in 2005 when they both lived in Madison, Wisconsin. They met each other while out on the town and were instantly intrigued with each other. Gavin with Amy's sense of humor, conversational skills and her love of impersonations! Not only was Amy taken with Gavin's British accent, she discovered he was incredibly genuine, funny and smart.
It wasn't long before they were a couple and shared many memories of their lives in Wisconsin before Gavin accepted a position at NC State in Raleigh in 2009. Amy took a giant step and joined him in NC but shortly after that move, she spent a year in NYC getting a degree in Applied Theater.
Fortunately they hung in together despite the distance and when Amy graduated she landed a position with NC State too. They were finally back in the same town. The wedding planning began after they co-proposed to each other in September of 2014 while visiting their old haunts in Madison.
They hear the secret paragraphs from each other. Sweet moments sprinkled with good humor that kept our guests laughing.
Time for their secret vows....which they wrote and were printed in my book facing them. Lots more humor here too!
 "Gavin, take this tiny ring........"
 "....and place it on Amy's finger as you say these words to her." 
Amy did the same.
 The Celtic Wine Ceremony involves each of them drinking from the same glass of wine. 

"In marriage, your souls will join together so that your strengths shall be twice as great and your hardships will be only half as hard. As you share the wine from this wedding cup let it remind you to trust in your soul which is the universal spirit. Trust in its strength and it will strengthen the bond between you." 
After a closing blessing, without further ado, I pronounced them husband and wife and invited Amy to kiss the groom!
 And so she did! 
 "Aw shucks, we are married!"
 They step into happily ever after time! 
While we were trying to get some photos of me with the couple this humongous puppet appeared from the trees! A surprise for Amy from her friends. Perfect!

Amy and Gavin, it was intense working with you to create the most perfect ceremony for you....and I loved it. The final result is so YOU! I hope all your dreams of the ceremony were fulfilled. I am so happy that Destiny brought you together and that Destiny brought you into my life. May all your dreams come true!

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