Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Stefanie and Will Wed on July 3rd, 2016 at The Carolina Inn!

A few days after their wedding, Stefanie posted this review on and it tells the story of how their wedding came about and appreciated words of praise for my services:

Kayelily is fantastic, and I would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone. We wanted a secular ceremony because my husband's family is Jewish and mine is not. Kayelily was incredibly accommodating and flexible and helped us craft the perfect ceremony that was non-religious and incredibly personal and meaningful. We met with Kayelily in advance of the wedding, and she read us a sample ceremony. It made me cry because it was so beautiful. Kayelily let us personalize our ceremony a great deal. We wrote a long passage about how we met that she included. We also each separately wrote and sent her a passage on why we love one another, which she kept private until the actual ceremony. She included a section honoring and thanking our parents that we know they loved. I cried throughout the ceremony, and my husband shed some tears as well. Our parents were definitely crying as were many others in attendance. The ceremony was touching, moving, and also appropriately light and humorous at a couple points. I think I must have surprised her with all my crying, but she rolled with it and made sure we were all in sync. Overall, it was the perfect ceremony we were hoping for that pleased everyone in attendance. On the logistics side, Kayelily was so helpful and flexible throughout the entire process. We initially wanted to have a private ceremony for about 10 people in the morning, and we ended up changing that to about 40 people in the evening, which Kayelily effortlessly accommodated. Kayelily comes across as a very sweet person, and her speaking voice is calm and soothing and has a rich Southern charm to it that added to the character of the experience (we are transplants to the area!). Overall I cannot say enough positive things about Kayelily. Thank you for making our day perfect!

This is the Bryan Courtyard at the Carolina Inn like I have never seen it before! It is gorgeous and all set up for the reception. Viva L'Event did the florals. I did not know they offered this service but it is beautiful! Since there were no bridesmaids or groomsmen, no need for bouquets and boutonnières except for Will.
Sugar Euphoria made this pretty cake!
They had fans for everyone but the heat was not bad, especially for July.
So when everyone was present, we gathered on the terrace. Note how many have their cell phones ready! 
I looked over and saw most of the guests gathered on the other end of the terrace. We had put out benches for the parents so they could sit and have front row seats for the wedding. I had to coax them to come over and tell them where to sit and encourage the guests to gather in closer.  I was wearing a mic though. Our fabulous photographer, Brian Mullins, watched with amusement as I rearranged the guests!
Waiting for the parents to get seated. The woman in blue I believe is an aunt of Will's who is Skyping the wedding to his grandparents on her iPad. She stood in very close so that she could pick up my voice but afterwards she said that they could not hear me well despite the microphone and asked if I could send her the script of the ceremony. I simply took the script out of my ceremony book and handed it to her. She was tickled at that.
Hmmmmm. I think we are all set now to begin!
Stefanie teared up right away. But I had a hankie handy for that.
Will was quite serious in the beginning and I was afraid he would not loosen up but he did. Just a little humor did it!
Then Will started tearing up and I whipped out a second hankie from my pocket! Never fear! We are on a roll! 
After telling the story of their meeting and courtship which was quite entertaining, they heard for the first time what the other had told me in confidence about what they love about each other.
Then it was time for the vows.....  
and the rings.
After the closing blessing I pronounced them husband and wife and invited them to kiss!
Not a problem!
Presentation of the newlyweds to their thrilled guests!
Big grins from them both! Now to celebrate!
Stefanie and Will, you are an amazing couple and perfect for each other. I love how you are such independent thinkers and not willing to go with the norm and blaze your own path. It was a delight to work with you and to join you in marriage. I wish you the best always!

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