Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Monday, August 1, 2016

Margaret and Kyle's Sweet Wedding at The Bradford!

Margaret and Kyle's wedding came together very quickly! The date was May 29th, 2016 at 5 PM at The Bradford in New Hill. They live in Dahlonega GA but wanted to wed in the Raleigh area because her parents live in Cary. The Bradford was the perfect place for them.
Margaret, her mother, and sister met with me on May 11th and we discussed the ceremony they wanted. I did not meet Kyle until the wedding day and there was no rehearsal. There was not enough time to do all the detailed personalization but I got enough sweet details to weave into the ceremony to make it quite personal to them. Above is the tent option for this venue. It was raining although you can't tell in the photos. On nicer days it is sometime out in the garden and there is the ballroom area for a back up plan.
They brought their photographer friend Geoff with them from Atlanta. They did a First Look and then took some family photos before the ceremony. This is the couple with their parents and siblings.
DJ Tommy Pirone from Atlanta.
Geoff Millwood, photographer, of course! 
I entered first followed by father and sister of the groom, Stirling and Angie, then Kyle escorted his mother, Margaret, in and then joined me.
Mother of the bride, Liz, was escorted in by our maid of honor/sister of the bride's boyfriend, James. 
Keary, bestman and brother of Kyle, escorted Carol, maid of honor and sister of Margaret. 
The flower girl and ring bearer were next. 
Margaret was escorted in by her father, Mark. 
Liz stepped forward and joined Mark and Margaret and I asked them "Who blesses and supports Margaret as she comes to join in marriage with Kyle?" They responded together "We do" and were seated.
The bride's Aunt Margaret and her partner played and sang for us. 
We are all enjoying their beautiful music!
The parents' blessing and wedding address was next.
They made their vows of marriage to each other. 
Then they exchanged rings.....
I invited them to gaze upon their dear family and friends honoring them on their wedding day!
The pronouncement of marriage.......
The first kiss was too short for anyone to get a photo of it so I made them kiss again! They did not mind at all!
Introduction of the newlyweds! 
We did it!!
Margaret and Kyle, what an amazing wedding you pulled off in such a short time frame. Congratulations! I wish you the best of everything!

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