Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Sarah and Daniel's Beautiful Wedding at All Saints Chapel!

Saturday May 21, 2016 was a gorgeous day for a wedding! Sarah and Daniel chose to have their wedding at the historic All Saints Chapel in downtown Raleigh. Jessica with Happily Ever After was their planner and director. Always a pleasure to work with Jessica!
The altar flowers were done by Joseph with Cateringworks who also catered the reception after the ceremony. Cleverly the vases of flowers then served as centerpieces for the table.
Harry, our DJ with Island Sound, had set up in the loft area and we were doing a preliminary sound check before all the guests arrived, although some had gotten there early. My daughter, Andrea, took these photos for me.
I don't know how she got this photo but it shows the beautiful stained glass window over the altar area and the candle flames below. Her father is a photographer so maybe she inherited that ability?
The groomsmen are hanging out in the groom's room off the altar where we will enter from. 
Groupings of floating candles and candles in glass containers lined the aisle. I was so happy to see the flames were well protected from catching anyone's clothing on fire.
The groomsmen and I took our places up front while Daniel escorted his mother in then joined us. 
The bridesmaids in navy blue took their places up front then I invited the guests to stand for our bride.
Sarah and her father, Robert, floated down the aisle. 
They stopped at the bottom the steps where Daniel awaited his bride. Robert answered my question then transferred Sarah's hand into Daniel's and they stepped up onto the altar with me.
Sarah and Daniel are both on the shy side in front of groups of people and Sarah told me when we met that she is not a fan of being the center of attention. But when you are the bride, you just are! They joined hands, took a deep breath and away we went into the Bells & Whistles ceremony!
Daniel's father, CJ, was his best man.
I stepped out to the side to address the guests and ask for their love and support of this couple. 
Then the storytelling began. Sarah was smiling as I recounted the way they met on line and what caught their eye about each other. They both have a wonderful sense of humor that was woven into the ceremony generating lots of laughs!
Their photographer, Jamie Blow, was getting some good pictures.
Then it was time for me to reveal what they had told me in confidence they love about each other. 
I am telling Sarah how much Daniel appreciates her putting up with his silly puns and thanking her for not carrying out her threats to suffocate him with a pillow! 
I am telling Daniel how Sarah appreciates his patience with her especially during tax season when she becomes cranky, how she loves that devilish glint in his eye, and how she cannot imagine her life without him.
I asked them each a series of questions for their vows to which they each answered "I do."
Looks like Harry is enjoying the ceremony! 
They exchanged their rings. (These photos are taken from the loft with the zoom and the strings of light over the guests show up most unexpectedly.)
A closing blessing for Sarah and Daniel. 
The pronouncement of marriage........
A sweet kiss!
The presentation of the newlyweds!
Congratulations to Sarah who was so happy the ceremony was over and she could relax and have fun! 
The guests went downstairs for cocktails and we took some photos back inside. They are all smiles now! Congratulations, Daniel and Sarah! You did it! I wish you the best of everything!!
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