Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Stephanie and John Wed at Second Empire!

Stephanie and John contacted me on January 16th to find out if I was available for their wedding on April 16, 2016 at Second Empire. I was delighted that I was. So, we met, decided we were a good match and got their date and time on my calendar. I sent them links to the ceremony material from which they put together the first draft. In the meantime, they answered questionnaires for me from which I wrote their story and secret paragraphs. They were really good about getting things to me in a timely manner and before long we had a complete script for their ceremony.
Their wedding day was a beautiful day. Second Empire is a wonderful spot for a small intimate wedding and the East Parlor was waiting for us.
When Dave and I arrived, we peeked out the window and saw the couple with their photographer, Nadiya with Imani Fine Art Photography getting some pre-ceremony photos.
When the guests had arrived and were seated, John and I took our places up front. Their friend Anna operated an iPod and played music for the bride to enter. I invited the guests to stand for the bride.
As Stephanie started walking down the aisle, John started walking toward her and they met in the middle. 
They turned and faced each other holding both hands. We started with a welcome to all and then launched into a tribute to their parents sitting on the first row. It is always a sweet surprise for them.
I had a great time telling their story to their guests like they had never heard before! Long story short, they met at work in 2011 and were just friends for about 2 years when their attraction turned into more than friendship. They love spending time together watching a movie or TV, John playing video games or often having feminist conversations and debates! John proposed to Stephanie on his birthday and told me her saying yes was the greatest birthday gift he could imagine!
They wrote their own vows which were printed in my book from which they read them to each other. 
John encircles Stephanie's finger with the ring as he said words after me to her. 
Then Stephanie did the same. 
We moved from there to a closing blessing to the pronouncement of marriage!
And they kissed! 
Introducing the newlyweds! 
Congratulations, Stephanie and John! Great wedding--down to earth yet elegant and perfectly you. I wish you all the happiness and satisfaction in the world!
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