Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Luisa and Daniel's Amazing Wedding at Fearrington on New Year's Day!

Luisa and Daniel got married on New Year's Day 2016! The wedding venue was the lovely Fearrington Country Inn. Weddings are always fabulous there. The weather was clear and sunny with a nip in the air but not uncomfortable at all.
The reception was in the barn so that is the first place Dave and I stopped when we arrived to see the wedding cake. The Groom's cake is a very cute little penguin--I don't know the significance of that though. It is a marble cake with coffee buttercream filling. The wedding cake is most unusual and I know delicious because it is the fine work of the pastry chef at Fearrington. The top layer of the wedding cake is Rosemary and Olive Oil, the second layer is Almond with raspberry jam filling, the third is Red Velvet cake with cream cheese filling.
The ceremony was in the Terrace pavilion. Because it was a chilly day, all the glass doors were closed and the fire was crackling in the fireplace. The natural light flowing in from the three sides and the windows flanking the fireplace made the room very bright and comfortable. In more temperate weather the doors can be opened to let the breeze come through.
Our DJ, Chad Hines, has his mobile unit and speakers all set up. I plugged into his system and did a sound check. It was perfect!
Gilda McDaniel, the venue coordinator and wedding director with Fearrington, stashed Daniel and me in the tea room of the restaurant. I am reviewing the ceremony while Daniel relaxed. He did not seem at all nervous!
The guests have arrived and been seated. Time to begin the processional with the families in first on the front row.
Entering first were Daniel's grandparents. 
Then Daniel's parents, Deborah and Kenneth. 
Mother of the bride, Maria Luisa, was escorted in by one of our groomsmen.
We are all lined up to enter.
Here we go as our photographer, Krystal Kast, gets a shot of each person entering. 
Luisa is escorted in by her father, Francisco. 
Gilda watches them enter and the processional is complete! 
The guests stand as the bride and her father enter the Terrace. 
Luisa is wearing very high heels under that gorgeous dress and so they go slow!
Francisco placed Luisa's hand into Daniel's hand then went to stand in his place on the first row. The bride and groom turned and faced the guests as I said to everyone: "There is an old tradition that the elders, or the wise ones of the tribe or family give the beloveds to one another as an acknowledgement of their support for this union. I believe all of you here qualify as the tribe of Maria Luisa and Dan. So, please all answer when I ask, 'Who has the privilege of presenting this woman to this man?'” Of course they all answered "We do."
About 10 minutes before the ceremony began, Luisa decided she wanted to sit down during the ceremony--the high heels. The wedding party was already planned to be seated for the ceremony. So Gilda checked with me and then placed two chairs up front for them. After their guests enthusiastically sanctioned their marriage, I invited everyone to sit. So, I was the only one standing during most of the ceremony which was fine.
Luisa's family lives in Spain and speak little English. Luisa translated the ceremony into Spanish and the Spanish-speaking guests were given scripts of the ceremony so they did not miss anything.
We began with a warm welcome for everyone, especially those who traveled from all over the world to be with us.
Then I invited their parents to stand for the Parents' Blessing which usually brings the mothers to tears!
Then it was time for their story which was so much fun to tell. It all started back in 2009 when Luisa embarked on a 10-day study abroad to Boone NC from her home in Valencia, Spain. This was a spur of the moment decision that had nothing to do with her area of study. Her host happened to be a friend of Dan's and so they met when the friends got together to hang out. Luisa and Dan were attracted to each other instantly. After her return to Spain they were able to stay in touch thanks to the wonder of technology. 
Luisa and Dan's path took them back and forth between Spain and the US as they pursued their educations and careers. It was a bumpy road filled with adventures from Spain, to North Carolina, to Pennsylvania and Florida but they finally landed jobs in NC and have settled down at last. The story included some incidences that were really quite funny and none of the guests had ever heard it told in its entirety.
I asked the couple to stand to exchange their vows and rings. Daniel read his vows to Luisa in Spanish. Luisa included words in her vows from the Beatles' song "Eight Days a Week!"
Luisa is one of the most animated, expressive brides I have even known. She was in constant motion which is one of the characteristics Dan loves about her! I can truly say that she really really enjoyed her wedding ceremony!
                                                After joining left hands, they exchanged their rings. 
When it came time to make the pronouncement of marriage, I invited the guests to say "We pronounce you husband and wife" with me! 
Awww........we are really married! 
There she goes again!
And out they go......
Krystal gets the wedding party all assembled!
Luisa and Daniel, congratulations! You two are a great couple. What fun your wedding was! Thank you for choosing me to join you in marriage! I wish you the best always!
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