Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Friday, January 22, 2016

Great Wedding for Cassie and Michael at the Compass Rose Brewery!

On August 15th, Cassie contacted me and wrote: "My fiancé and I have been together for four years and have been happily committed to each other yet too busy to plan a wedding. We've had such an amazing year though that we agree there would be no better way to end such an amazing year than to get married! So we are forcing time to plan our day! Our wedding will be small and intimate, at most 75 guests....." They were looking for a venue that would work for them and originally targeted December 12th as their wedding date. But things changed and their wedding date got pushed out to January 16th, 2016 and they were so excited when they discovered Compass Rose Brewery in North Raleigh near the intersection of Gresham Lake Road and Capital. It fit them to a T! I met with them on October 6th and we began planning their ceremony.  
Having made a trial run the day before following a bridal show at Landmark Hall and Garden to find out where this brewery was, Dave and I arrived at the brewery on the wedding day to find the room with the beer tanks all set up for a wedding. It was spotless of course--as required by sanitation standards for a brewery. The space adjoined the bar and restaurant area but it was quiet and private. I am not certain but this wedding might have been the first for this venue.
Our musicians, Anthony and Mariah, were positioned over on the far side from this photo and were warming up.
In the public area the tables were set up for the wedding guests with pretty flowers by Sharon Coulter, co-owner of Compass Rose Brewery. She also served as their wedding director.
The guests were given bracelets to identify them as wedding guests for the food and drink.
The buffet for the wedding guests was catered by Cannon Catering in Wake Forest. 
A note from the bride and groom! 
A very unique guest book: a beer keg for them to sign in on! 
The cupcakes were by Sweet Traditions in Wake Forest. 
Michael and I are going over the logistics for the ceremony since I was not part of their rehearsal. 
And it was time to begin. After the parents were seated, Michael and I took our places up front. 
The bridesmaids snuck in the back door and got in line then processed out one by one. All of their attendants were their children.
Cassie was escorted in by her son, Jordan. 
The bride and groom turned and faced each other, holding hands, centered in front of me and we began! 
I welcomed everyone and thanked their parents for all their love and support. 
Then it was time to address their children, Alexis--Michael's daughter, and Cassie's daughter, Kaylee, and her two sons, Jordan and David.
For a community blessing, I asked the guests to stand and answer these questions: "Will all of you do everything in your power to preserve this marriage? Will you give them your love, your blessing, and your support?" Of course they answered "We will."  

After a brief but humorous wedding address, the couple read their vows to each other from my book.
Then they exchanged rings. 
Then they legally became husband and wife! 
I invited them to kiss for the first time as husband and wife! 

"Family and friends, it is my great pleasure to now present to you for the first time, Michael and Cassie Wheeler, husband and wife!! Go forth in love, joy and peace and drink beer!!"
They exited with their wedding to a private area out of sight of the guests so we could get the witnesses to sign the marriage license and take some photos together.
Michael and Cassie, what a fun wedding. It was truly YOU! I loved being a part of it and having the honor of joining you in marriage! I wish you all the best forever!
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