Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Wonderful Wedding for Kathlyn and Nader at The Garden on Millbrook!

What a beautiful day for a beautiful wedding! It was July 17th, 2015 and Kathlyn and Nader thoughtfully decided to move their wedding ceremony inside The Garden at Millbrook in the spacious and elegant ballroom because of the heat for the comfort of their wedding party and guests! I love decisions like that. 
The ceremony is setup for around 250 guests. Fresh Affairs did the flower arrangements and brought the brocade aisle runner and placed the pretty flower petals on each side. You can see the tripod and video camera up front where Lauri Crowder videoed the wedding. 
The lovely cake is by Ashley Cakes
Getting my wireless theater microphone on, doing a sound check, and checking in with Marc Dabagian (our director with The Garden) and our DJ, Mitch with Triad DJ & Events, for our cues.
Seeing Kathlyn in her gorgeous wedding gown for the first time. She is stunning!
Their adorable "guest book" of balloons to fill in. Their 2 year old daughter, Marcy, is flying with them! 
Kathlyn and Nader did a "first look" ahead of time and so Libby McGowan is getting most of the photos done in the garden before the guests arrive for the ceremony. Such a smart thing to do.
Kathlyn with her pretty bridesmaids dressed in their lovely floral dresses. 
Nader with the pretty girls! 
So now all the guests have arrived and taken their seats and we are ready to begin. First in were the groomsmen and me from the area behind the altar. When we were in place, Marc cued the entrance of Nader escorting in his grandfather. It was such a moving moment watching them come slowly down the aisle.
As a surprise for his parents, Nader circled around and brought them in! Marcy was most comfortable coming in with her grandfather who loved the honor of carrying her in. Another moving moment! This photo courtesy of Libby McGowan!
After the bridesmaids entered one by one, it was time for the bride and her parents to make their grand entrance! This photo courtesy of Libby McGowan
This photo by my assistant, Marty, of the grand scene!
During the ceremony the guests heard the story of how Nader and Kathlyn met, fell in love and got to this place today. It was a little over 5 years ago that their paths collided while they were both college students in Greensboro. They were just friends back then and after graduation, their paths diverged for over a year without contact with each other. Nader ventured into scuba diving and photography and lived in Thailand  for a while. Kathlyn meanwhile worked at various jobs and ended up working in Raleigh where Nader grew up. On a fluke she messaged him on Facebook to see if he still lived in Raleigh. He did, they reconnected and have never looked back. One of their adventures was to go back to Thailand and live for six months And the biggest adventure they have shared was the birth of their daughter, Marcy, in February 2014. Nader proposed in December and they put together this fabulous wedding. 
This photo and the 5 following photos are by Libby also. Many thanks to her for sharing for this blog!
Kathlyn is of Filipino heritage and Nader is of Filipino and Lebanese heritage. The Veil and Cord Ceremony is a Filipino wedding tradition. Here we see Kathlyn's parents have placed the veil around their shoulders symbolizing the couple "clothed as one" and the broader joining of their families. Nader's parents then placed a cord in the shape of the infinity symbol over their heads and draped loosely on their shoulders symbolizing the love and friendship that bind the couple and the infinite nature of marriage.  Before the veil and cord were lifted, Kathlyn and Nader received a blessing of their marriage.
They read their secret vows to each other and placed the rings. 
Finally the pronouncement of marriage sealed by the kiss! 
Such a happy walk back down the aisle together into their newly married life! 
During the ceremony Miss Marcy got fussy and so she had to be taken to another area where she fell asleep. The wedding day excitement was just too much for her. She had a good nap and is happy to be back in the arms of her daddy! Another photo by Libby McGowan!
Kathlyn and Nader, what a wonderful wedding! I hope it fulfilled all your expectations. I loved working with you and creating your one of a kind ceremony that so truly reflected the two of you. Thank you for giving me the honor of joining you in matrimony! I know you will continue the wonderful life you have built together!
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