Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Alice and Stefen Tie the Knot and Bless Their Baby in my Garden!

Alice called me on June 16th about getting married in my garden within the next couple of weeks with just family and close friends present. They plan to have a larger more public celebration next year. So, we agreed on the date of June 25, 2015 at 7 PM. In the meantime Alice sent me photos of the two of them and how they met and fell in love. It is a lovely love story and I am so happy for them. Both of them have been around the marriage block once or twice before and so they knew exactly what they wanted in a mate, if they ever met them. They are both poets too, and in true fashion of following their hearts, they met at a poetry match last year and almost instantly recognized each other "as the unicorns they had been looking for all along." I loved working with them to make their ceremony truly memorable and a reflection of the two of them. They are a remarkable couple! 
What Alice is saying here is "Get a good look at these shoes now because they are going to go soon!" And indeed I never saw them again!
Stefen burst into song as Alice walked down the aisle and stood with him. I don't know if Alice was forewarned or not but the rest of us were delightfully surprised.
I wish I had jotted the words of the song down. I suspect the lyrics and tune are original. Stefen has a very nice voice, perfect for the song. He also happens to be a very beloved high schoolteacher and I can tell why--just so full of life and enthusiasm it is contagious!
After words of welcome to all, a prayer, and remembrance of their beloved fathers, we blessed their mothers and although Stefen's mom, Connie, could not be with us, we knew Stefen and Alice were in her thoughts at that moment. We were delighted that Alice's mother, Dorothy, and her aunt, Mary Ann, could be present today. We were also missing Stefen's young daughter, Marley, a part of this new family born today.
Then came the blessing of their child who will be born around Christmas time. 
They responded to the vows of marriage.....
The rings......
I pronounced them married! 
Sweet kiss! 
Basking in the warmth of the moment--and to say it was a bit warm and humid that evening is an understatement! 
Alice and Stefen, congratulations and best wishes forever! I hope that I can officiate your "big" wedding next year and relive your joy! We could also do a baby blessing ceremony to welcome your child into the world come Christmastime.
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