Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Monday, June 8, 2015

Jim and Steve Tie the Knot Legally!

Jim and Steve are two wonderful men. They are handsome, successful businessmen, loving and caring, and they have been together 21 years. So when the law in NC changed last October allowing same gender couples to legally marry, they decided to have a wedding and contacted me. We met and discusses their vision of their wedding and began putting together the spiritual ceremony that would be unique to them. And so, on their wedding day of May 23rd, 2015, Marty and I arrived at their gorgeous home.
The ceremony took place in their backyard which overlooks a small lake. The landscaping and the water fountain were perfect backdrops for their ceremony.
Jim was in charge of the license and getting their printed personal words to each other to put in my book to be handed to each of them at the appointed time. They were also going to break a glass to honor Steve's Jewish heritage.
I invited their 5 guests to take their seats for the ceremony. Robin, a long time friend, was the designated photographer and "their rock." The two good-looking guys in the middle standing close together are Greg and John who came from Atlanta for the occasion. John and Linda are dear friends who live in Chapel Hill. They were telling me their wedding story. Over 30 years ago, they went to get their marriage license somewhere out west and on the spot decided to just get married while they were there instead of the next day. The couple ahead of them whom they did not know agreed to be their witnesses and signed their license. Recently John found their two witnesses via the internet and contacted them and they got together. He told me, those two people will always be part of our lives because they were witnesses to our marriage and their names will always be on our certificate of marriage!
 Linda "escorted" in our two grooms! 
Welcome to all! 
Let us join in prayer.  
They had written words to their guests about how important and special they all were that I read to them. Sweet and funny and so thoughtful!
 They each had prepared some things they wanted to say to each other during the ceremony before the vows. 
 Again--sweet and funny!  
 John and Linda are taking it all in! 
 I asked Steve a series of questions which he answered with "I will." 
 The same to Jim.
 The symbolism of the rings they were about to exchange.
 "With this ring, I marry you and pledge my heart to you."
 "With this ring, I marry you and pledge my heart to you." 
 They donned yarmulkes for the breaking of the glass (a lightbulb). 
 It went like this: pronouncement of marriage, Steve stomps the glass, we all shout Mazeltov and then they kiss! 
 I stepped out of the way!
 As they leaned in to kiss, Steve's yarmulke fell off his head.......
 And then Jim's! 
 The whole gang!! 
 A great couple! Below is a card that they gave me that they planned to mail to all their friends after the wedding. It is soooo touching and I had to put it here for you to see.
 (It is in color but I had to make it black and white to be readable.) 
Steve and Jim, congratulations on legally tying the knot and joining the institution of marriage! You are a wonderful couple and I am honored to have officiated your fantastic wedding!
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