Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Monday, June 22, 2015

Classy Sassy Wedding for Rosie and Kermit in Kayelily's Wedding Garden!

Rosie called me on May 27th about having her wedding in my garden on June 5th, 2015. It was a Friday and I was available. So we started planning the ceremony. She knew she wanted the Unity Candle and Jumping the Broom.
The big day arrived and it was rain-free and beautiful! Rosie's dad, Isiah, escorted her down the aisle after her daughter Azia and son Martavius entered and took their places with Kermit and me. 
After a few words of welcome, we began with a prayer based on First Corinthians. 
We were so happy to have Rosie's parents, Rosie and Isiah, and Kermit's mother, Carolyn, with us. The ceremony included a blessing honoring them as well as Rosie's children and her baby grandson Kaeden (who became quite vocal during the ceremony!). We also recognized Kermit's father, Earl, who could not be with us.
 A few words on love and marriage........
 Then it was time for their vows......
 A few tears of joy were shed.....
 They exchanged rings......
 They each lit their candle from the Source or God candle to represent the Divine Spark within. 
 Then with their flames joined, they lit the Unity Candle symbolizing their marriage. 
 The pronouncement of marriage.....
 Rosie's mother placed the cinnamon straw broom in place for the jump as I explained the symbolism! 
 Great shot! Got them mid-jump! 
 Then the kiss! 
 Their new family! 
Rosie had thought out all the photos she wanted. They brought Emily Pletcher of Darling Violet Photography with them to capture the wedding.
What a good looking couple! Rosie is beautiful in her wedding gown and, oh my goodness, Kermit is simply dashing in his white suit and fuchsia vest and tie. Wow--so distinguished! Congratulations, Rosie and Kermit! Enjoy wedded bliss then settle in to a happy and enduring marriage!
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