Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Megan and Robert's Creative Funny DIY Wedding!

On February 18, 2015 I got this email:


You performed my sister - Shannon and Drew's wedding last year. I recently got engaged and wanted to inquire about using you. We were just going to go to the courthouse and have it very very small but Shannon has talked me into looking into other options besides the courthouse. It will only be our immediate family and it will be in our backyard. The date is Friday, May 8th. Are you available that date? Thanks so much!


I wrote her back that I was available and would love to do the honors and marry her and Robert. 
So we emailed a proposed ceremony back and forth until they had modified it to be exactly what they wanted. On Friday, May 8th, the weather was gorgeous (in fact it was "beach" weather!) and Marty and I arrived at their home going straight into their backyard. Shannon, her sister, was there and it was good to her again. Here is their wedding at The Cookery last Halloween. Megan was the maid of honor at that wedding. The photo above is essentially of our "rehearsal" before the ceremony to make sure we did the vows they way they wanted. They were responsive vows. Then Megan and Robert left to change into their wedding duds!
 Meanwhile the guests came outside and took their places on the benches provided for the ceremony. 
 The guests upon seeing Robert and me take our places up front!
Had I known the dress code, I would have gotten one of the bikini tee shirts and put a beach robe on! 
 I invited the guests to stand as Megan's stepdad Scott escorted her in with laughter! 
 And here we go! 
Megan and her sister were each given the same budget for their wedding and the freedom to chose how they wanted to spend it. Shannon went for the more formal yet non-traditional wedding and Megan chose to DIY and save their money for other things like house, honeymoon, etc. I am so glad they had a much more memorable wedding than a courthouse wedding would have been! Thanks, Shannon!
 This is my first bikini wedding! Love it! 
They exchanged their vows by asking and answering each other's very simple vows "Promise to be mine and that's it, forever." 
 Robert's turn! 
 Now for the rings.......
 They repeated after me: "With this ring, I marry you, and pledge my heart to you, forever."
 Making the marriage legal! Megan closes her eyes and takes it all in!
 This how the kiss began.......
 ....... and progressed to this! 
 Our "shapely" bride and groom! 
 Group photo of the guests and me!  That is Shannon holding one of their sweet doxies and Drew is behind her with the sunglasses on. Parents of the bride are Susan and Scott in the middle between Megan and Shannon. Robert's mother, is on the far left and I don't know her name and Robert's dad, Lewis is behind him.
Megan and Shannon have the sweetest mini spotted doxies. So good natured! 
Megan and Robert! What a fun wedding! You are so creative and so daring! Thank you for a fun time and for including me on your special day. You seem to be a very excellent match and I know you will have a wonderful marriage and future together!
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