Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Introducing the Wedding Memory Bottle!

Giovanni DeVenturi has created a new unity ceremony that can be a part of a wedding ceremony, similar to the wooden wedding box or the memory box and could be combined with the unity sand ceremony by adding very dry sand to the bottle with the notes. The following are his thoughts in creating this “personal time capsule.”  See more examples of the bottles on his Facebook page. 

"A successful marriage just doesn’t happen; it has to be worked at. The two elements in a strong marriage are commitment and communication. Communication is the foundation of a solid and rewarding marriage. Effective communication prevents disappointments but has to be worked at; it doesn’t come easy to many people. It is built with trust and common goals.
Your marriage ceremony is your public statement of commitment. Honest communication has to start long before that and continue evermore. That will only happen with trust. In a sense, with the help of the Memory Bottle, you are writing your love story.
Now any good story has at least two sides to the tale. What you commit to paper is the first side; the side of expectations. The other side is the more important side; the side of reality. So you will have to wait years for reality to happen before opening the bottle, reading the messages; thus completing the story. Then and only then will you have the whole story.
Now seal them away; you and your betrothed’s expectations, hopes, desires, thoughts and dreams. Securely away to be read and enjoyed at your Silver Anniversary or whenever you choose to open the bottle and read the notes.
The point is: to tie now with the future, give cause to reflect on why and how. To set measures to accomplish having a long, prosperous and happy life together.
May this Memory Bottle be the beginning of a lifetime of communicating with your soul-mate."

So for a wedding ceremony the couple would order the bottle (hand engraved with their names, wedding date, any logo or symbol they want) and during the ceremony be invited by their officiant to place their handwritten love notes into the bottle. Then place a temporary cork in it. The actual sealing of the bottle would have to take place later in private since it is a more precise process that would be cumbersome during the ceremony.

Instructions: for your personal time capsule.

1.     Insert any personal item that fits in the bottle making sure it won’t interfere with your scroll of vellum. You could each pour some sand into the bottle.
2.     After committing your thoughts to the special museum quality vellum, roll the sheets together starting at the bottom and tape them with small piece of scotch tape; insert them in the bottle without reading them.
3.     Now remove the silica gel packet from its plastic zip-loc and insert it into the bottle. If it won’t fit on top of the letters you will need to put it in first.
4.     Insert cork/seal tightly. Seat it to the bottle completely. Next slide the gold PVC seal over the cork and hold it in place with a small piece of scotch tape.
5.     With a hair dryer set on high, shrink the seal using a downward airflow over the seal. Be sure to turn the bottle while heating the seal to get even shrinkage.
6.     The bottle is now ready to assume its resting place in the deluxe caskette* it came in.

·       A Caskette for many centuries was regarded as thee place to keep your most precious valuables. It is the long form of cask (or is that the small form? I digress)…  Which we all know “precious” wine or olive oil was kept in for millennia, in fact it still is.   

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