Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Elegant Pink Wedding at Prestonwood for Nidhi and Alex!

Nidhi and Alex's wedding was spectacular! It took place at Prestonwood Country Club which was all decked out for the Sunday morning nuptials on April 26th, 2015.
When we arrived, the ballroom was being decorated. Kelley Kennedy and her assistant with Teacup Floral were busy putting the gorgeous florals into place at the steps. It was a big job!
 Get Lit Lighting brought in the pink uplighting bathing the ballroom in pink light. 
Kelley's husband, Andrew Kennedy, was our videographer of the wedding. His business is AKFocus. He and I are speaking here and admiring the altar area as the floor lights by Get Lit are added to illuminate the pretty masses of pink flowers and graceful branches.
 So Kelley (in the center) and her assistant stand back with me to see if they need to do any tweaking. 
 The finished product after the ballroom lights were dimmed. Incredibly beautiful!
Eric Hodgden on the right is our DJ with All Around Raleigh DJ, speaking with our second shooter for our photographer Jenny Tenny. Eric and I work together often and I can count on him to make the sound perfect!
 The guests entering the lobby area leave their gifts on the gift table and place cards in this pretty pink card holder.  
 The bride's bouquet flanked by the bridesmaids' bouquets! 
After the parents and wedding party are in place, Nidhi's father, Varinda, escorts Nidhi down the aisle. Jennifer Viscosi and her assistant, Hunter, were the Day of Coordinators.
 We are watching our beautiful bride float down the aisle! 
 A shot of the bridesmaids as Varinda transfers Nidhi's hand into Alex's. 
 Welcome everyone!  
I love the way the flowers are lit up which helps balance the light coming in behind us from making us silhouettes. 
A tribute to their parents who have watched this love story grow from the time Nidhi and Alex were in grade school. Their parents have provided wonderful role models of marriage for Alex and Nidhi and are to be congratulated.
Then I presented Taylor Mali's "Falling in Love is Like Owning a Dog," a whimsical poem about how love and dogs are so similar!
The telling of their story came next. Alex and Nidhi have known each other almost 20 years. Nidhi was fascinated with Alex early on when they were both in sixth grade. She was intrigued by how unusually quiet he was and would try to hang out around him so she could hear the short moments when he actually talked. Alex quietly took note of how smart, considerate and beautiful Nidhi was. They secretly had crushes on each other throughout high school. They attended the same college and finally Nidhi had the courage to tell Alex how she felt, even though she feared her affection was one-sided. To her delight, Alex told her he liked her too and the dating began. And really, the rest is history!
They exchanged their vows by answering "I do" to a series of questions.  
 The exchange of rings, then a closing blessing... 
 The pronouncement of marriage! 
 Alex was a little shy about kissing in front of all the guests but Nidhi had no problem! 
After I presented them to their guests, they zoomed down the aisle into their new life as a married couple! 
The wedding party assembled in the adjoining ballroom where the reception would be. The dance floor was surrounded by a frame hung with flowing curtains. Here is a shot of the groomsmen and bridesmaids.
Alex and Nidhi, what a wonderful wedding and a fabulous start to your marriage. I am honored to have joined you in matrimony and I know you will have a loving, satisfying and enduring marriage!
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