Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Amanda and Ryan's Beautiful Wedding at The Stockroom!

Amanda and Ryan were a joy to work with to co-create their special wedding ceremony. I met with them last August and booked their wedding for May 16, 2015 at The Stockroom. They had a premier line up of vendors: Claire with Orangerie Events, Arioso Strings, Stylus was the DJ for the reception, photographer Kevin Milz, florist Tre Bella, wedding cake by Sugarland, catering by Empire Eats and make-up by Makeup for your Day. Wow! I did not get the name of the calligrapher who did this wonderful piece on the chalkboard:
We did not know at the time of planning that the same weekend as the wedding was Artsplosure. When I found out, I thought, it'll be okay because the festival would be around Moore's Square where it has always been. WRONG!! It was down Fayetteville Street from Morgan to the end and each side street. And not only Saturday but they were setting up Friday when we had our rehearsal. I was very fortunate both times manifesting a parking place within 2 blocks! The wedding started a little late as you can imagine with all the guests getting parked. But everyone was so understanding we hardly noticed.
On an easel on first floor as we entered was this wonderful photo of our couple greeting us.
Tre Bella had the simple elegant florals at the front and I brought my little table for the Wooden Wine Box to sit upon.
 Here is how it looked from the back of the room. 
On the gift and guest book table was this lovely photo which served as a wedding program. 
 An old suitcase to hold the gift envelopes!
 They had a photo book for everyone to sign as the guest book.
 A sweet note of thanks to all!
 Our string duo is set up and tuning up!
 So, when the guests were all seated and everyone had processed in except the bride, our bouncy little flower girl, Avery, made her way down the aisle. She is 2 barely years old and adorable. 
I believe these are her grandparents who were designated baby keepers for the ceremony. Avery's parents were bridesmaid and groomsman.
 Amanda is escorted in by her stepfather Jim........
 Then at the back row of chairs, her father Jim escorted her the rest of the way down the aisle.
 And so we begin. I had forgotten how tall Ryan is until the rehearsal! 
 Our groomsmen and best man, Ron, Ryan's father. 
 Our bridesmaids...... 
After the welcome, remembrance of those no longer with us, I greeted their parents and stepparents and thanked them on behalf of Ryan and Amanda for all their love and support. Then it was time for the couple's story! They met at work back in 2011but the romance did not begin for over a year when they began to see each other outside of work. And really, the rest is history, as they say! Ryan proposed in April of 2014 during a hike and picnic at Umstead Park and the wedding planning began.
 Then to reveal what they separately told me they love about each other!
Ryan told me that he can't wait to have his firstborn son, not of the canine variety and looks forward to never planning another wedding. Amanda told me she hopes that for hers and Ryan's sake, their first baby is a boy!
 Time to exchange their promises of marriage to each other. 
 Ryan places the ring on Amanda's finger while saying the words after me.
 Amanda's turn.....
This wooden box holds a bottle of wine and two wine glasses. They had also written each other a love letter and sealed them without sharing. On their first anniversary they will open the box, pour each other a glass of wine and read their letters to remember how madly in love they were on their wedding day. Then write a new letter and add it to the box to open on the next anniversary and every year thereafter.
 A closing blessing for Ryan and Amanda then the pronouncement of marriage!
 Ryan kisses his beautiful wife! 
 That sweet "after-kiss" moment captured!
 I presented them to their guests, the music began and out they went!
 It is done!!
Congratulations, Amanda and Ryan. Great wedding! All your planning paid off in a beautiful day. So honored to have officiated for you. Thank you!
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