Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Deb and Matt's Wonderful, Heart-warming, Peacock Wedding New Year's Eve!

Marty and I arrived at Matt and Deb's home at around 7:30 PM on New Year's Eve and the celebration had already begun although the event being celebrated had not yet happened! Downstairs Matt was entertaining the guys--mostly standing around in the kitchen laughing and having fun.
This cute little cake was in the dining room. Deb's friend Pam made it. Upstairs all the girls were getting ready.  So, I went upstairs to meet Deb for the first time. The room and hallway were filled with a bevy of very excited little girls running around getting ready to be in the wedding--they were all flower girls. It was quite chaotic to say the least but very normal!  Deb's friend Michelle had outfitted all the little girls in glittery black dresses with sashes with peacock feathers in the back. (They were adorable and I regret that we did not get a photo of the back of their dresses.) Meanwhile Deb was putting the final touches on her matching black dress with a birdcage veil (also by Michelle) with, of course, a peacock feather in it.
So when everyone upstairs was ready, we gathered in the living room in front of the fireplace. As everyone took their places, I realized that all but one or two people were in the wedding party! Notice that the guys in the wedding party were all wearing peacock boutonnieres pinned to their shirts.
Here is a closer look at the little flower girls and their colorful peacock bouquets made by the bride. The blond beauty on the left is Mallory, Matt's daughter. The brunette beauty on the right is Grayson, Deb's daughter. (Not in this photo is Colin, Matt's son. He was standing with the guys on the other side.)
 I decided to turn the bride and groom and myself around for the ceremony so everyone could see. 
After the opening prayer, was the Children's Blessing followed by hugs. You can see that Matt bent over Deb to embrace them all and in the process, snagged his boutonniere in Deb's birdcage veil!
Deb's friend jumped in to assist with the unsnagging but Matt reached in and wrenched the feather from his boutonniere from the veil! And that solved that except Matt was left with only the pin and stalk of the feather on his shirt! Not a big deal!!
 So, we moved on with the ceremony! 
 They exchanged their vows......
 Then exchanged their rings......
The Family Unity Sand Ceremony was next as the three children and their parents gathered around the table to pour the jars of sand together.
 A closing blessing followed then the pronouncement of marriage!
 What a kiss! 
 We're really married!!!
 Congratulations to the happy couple! Pretty bouquet! 
I wanted a photo with all the kids too. So now you can see Colin. What a fabulous blended family!! It was so obvious that they all adore each other and fit together so well. Deb, Matt, Grayson, Colin and Mallory, congratulations, I wish you the best of everything!
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