Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Nikki and Phil Wed at Delightful Inspirations!!

I was delighted to meet Nikki and Phil when they came to meet with me on March 3rd about officiating their wedding on September 27th, 2014 at Delightful Inspirations. I have not done a wedding there is several years. Anne Caspar, the owner, is always embellishing the property and the trees have grownup and filled out the borders of the lovely garden.
 I much prefer chairs arranged in a semi-circular configuration rather than straight rows lecture style. 
Phil and his guys getting ready for photos. I love their hats and suspenders. Nikki and Phil did a "first look" and were gathering in the whole wedding party and family when Marty and I arrived.
Great looking wedding party! 
Meanwhile, back in the banquet hall, Marty was scoping out the wedding cakes by Edible Art
 Bride's Cake! 
 Groom's Cake!  
Taylor Pittman DJ and I do lots of weddings together so we know the routine. I simply plug my ear mic into his Shure body pack and do a sound check. Perfect!
So now the guests have been seated and we are ready to begin. 
 After the parents, Phil and I took our places in the gazebo. 
 The bridesmaids were escorted in by the groomsmen then went to the bride and groom's respective sides. 
 All the pretty girls right in a row. The sun was in their faces in the beginning but then shifted aside. 
 "Hey Phil, Here Comes Your Girl!" is the sign and the other boy holds the rings. 
 Our sweet little flower girls did a very good job!
 And now for the bride! 
 Here comes Nikki radiantly beaming as her father, Scotty, escorts her in. 
 "Who blesses and supports Nikki as she comes to join in marriage with Phil?" 
After opening words and prayer, Nikki and Phil had written words to Savannah, Nikki's daughter and Maid of Honor. It was a surprise to Savannah.
 And it was quite tearful and I gave her a hankie and wished I had more to go around!
 They have a great story and it was really fun to tell it. The guests were laughing and crying in all the right places! 
At this point in the story I was saying how Phil and two friends had joined an online dating service for the purpose of reviewing the functionality of the sites. Uh huh! I asked the two friends in the audience to identify themselves and they did and also the ring bearer at which point I told him he was a bit young to be on an online dating site! He thought it was funny too!
 The story of the proposal after Plans A, B and C failed! 
"Phil, what Nikki loves is how physically and emotionally strong you are and how you have had her back through all the hard times she has been through since you have been together.....She really appreciates that your extroverted self has  saved her introverted self from becoming a hermit spending her life reading books! She looks forward to marriage mainly because, The search is over!"
"Nikki, Phil loves the calming effect you have on him the minute he walks in the door and sees you, no matter how stressful his day might be or how overwhelmed he might feel."
 They exchanged their vows then the rings...... 
The closing blessing where I ask them to look at their friends and families honoring them on their wedding day.
 They become transformed into husband and wife!
 Oh yes! The Kiss! 
Nikki and Phil....your wedding was wonderful and I hope you enjoyed it as much as your guests and I did! I wish you all the happiness in the world!
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