Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Chelsea and Josh's Fantastic Wedding at The Cotton Room!

Back in July of 2013 I met with Chelsea and Josh to plan their wedding ceremony which took place on April 5, 2014 at The Cotton Room in Durham. This is a fabulous place for weddings and I love going there. It is a re-styled historic site of a former cotton warehouse. When Marty (my assistant and now not-so-amateur photographer for this blog!) and I arrive at a wedding, the first thing I do is get my sound set up and do a sound check and that is what is happening in the photo below. 
Eric Hodgdens, All Around Raleigh DJ, was their DJ and I love working with him. He does many at The Cotton Room too. So, here his set up is behind the flowing drapes and he stuck his head through the drapes to ask me a question!
Here's a better photo of Eric! 
Isn't this a sweet little arbor? They had strung all these hearts on it and with the floating candles it was a simple but elegant "altar" and easily removed when they turned the room for the reception.
Cinda's Creative Cakes made this amazing cake which had the words of the popular ee cumming poem "i carry your heart" written around it. The copper trees on top reflect some of the words. When Josh proposed, he gave Chelsea a notebook inscribed with this favorite poem of hers and added the words "Marry Me?" So it was very appropriate to include as part of their wedding decor. Looks like there is an antique sword in the back but I did not ask what that meant!
Their color scheme was this rich magenta and the pretty floral arrangements and the bouquets by Tre Bella Flowers reflect it beautifully.
For their "guest book," they had their guests fill our some cards that rated how much they were enjoying the wedding, how far they traveled to be there, what they really looked forward to at the wedding and their advice for a long and happy marriage. It was very cleverly done and I can tell they put a lot of thought into it and surely will get a lot of good advice.
Behind the scenes...once the ceremony is over, the drapes are tied back, tables pulled out and spaced around the huge room to make a dance floor and the chairs put around the tables.
Yummy! The Cotton Room is owned by one of the area's finest caterers, Triangle Catering, and of course they provide the delicious food. 
The Bride and Groom's table is ready! 
Our Bridesmaids and "Man of Honor" were ready too. Molly, our 17 month old flower girl, is holding on to her mother, Caroline. Those are wonderful dresses!
Zack is a childhood friend of Chelsea's and she just could not get married without including him in her bridal party. He was eating it up too--getting to wear makeup and heels, straighten Chelsea's dress and hold her flowers. What fun!
The line-up! 
After we were all in place before the bride entered, it was time for sweet little Molly to walk down the aisle. Amalia, Wedding Director with The Cotton Room, and Molly's father (did not get his name) are prepping Molly on her duties!
And there she goes as she sees her mom at the front of the aisle urging her on! Daddy had to hold the basket though! 
Yay, she made it then got swooped up and carried back out. 
Her job is over and she can relax and so can her dad!
Chelsea's dad, Eric, proudly escorted our beautiful bride down the aisle while Josh wiped tears off his cheeks. 
He transfers Chelsea's hand into Josh's then carefully takes his seat without stepping on her train!
And so we began.....
Yes, there was definitely some humor in this ceremony! I think here that after welcoming everyone and thanking them for coming we were remembering the couple's two corgis, Cloe and Ohlie, who had to stay home and bark at intruders and unfortunately could not be with us!
A sweet tribute to their parents!
Chelsea and Josh met in 2011 when Chelsea moved to Josh's hometown of Syracuse NY to attend grad school. Josh had not had a date in 3 years and was incredibly nervous for their first date. The restaurant they went to was so loud they couldn't talk so the first date was not the best. However, Josh persevered, asked Chelsea on a second date and brought one of his best men, Dustin, along with him for fortification and it worked! They had a fabulous time and a few weeks later they officially became a couple.
Josh proposed on January 11, 2013 after having secretly asked Chelsea's parents for their blessings to marry their daughter. He did the asking one evening when they were all in Target, Chelsea's favorite store, while she had gone to another part of the store.
After the proposal they began planning the wedding knowing they would be moving to NC the following summer. It all worked out quite smoothly and here they stand before their family and friends, getting married! Bridget McEnaney and her second shooter were their photographers although you will see some shots of the guests holding up their cell phones!
Vows and rings.....
The moment the marriage is legal! 
Sealing the deal! 
The new Mr. and Mrs.! 
Out they go into their new marriage! 
The heels were shed the minute the girls got behind the drapes to wait for photos! 
But not Zack! He loved wearing those heels! 
Josh and Chelsea, congratulations--not only on your marriage but for planning a mighty fine wedding! Your attention to detail was amazing and it was perfect! I wish the best of everything always!

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