Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Monday, March 5, 2012

Nikki and Jordan Tie the Knot at the Raleigh Sheraton!

Nikki and Jordan came to see me a year ago to plan their ceremony which was to be on March 3, 2012 at the Raleigh Sheraton. They found me on The Knot, a very popular wedding website. They met back in 2009 after Nikki had relocated to Raleigh from Florida on a quest to "make something of her life," not knowing that in a few short weeks she would meet her future husband!  One of her bridesmaids, Jonelle, had done the same thing and so they hung out together with a group of friends. At a party for those with December birthdays, Jordan and Nikki found themselves seated next to each other. They exchanged phone numbers and set the ball rolling and it was not long before they made their relationship "Facebook official" to all the world. They are such a happy and fun couple and I really enjoyed working with them. Their story was full of humor and the guests just loved it, especially the story of the proposal! As part of the ceremony I get them to tell me why they love each other and want to marry. Then as a surprise for them, they hear what they told me for the first time during the ceremony. It is such a wonderful moment of sweetness!
When Marty and I arrived the first thing we did was set up my sound system and do a sound check. Then we found the reception room looking for the cake which had not yet arrived. Martha, the events coordinator with the hotel, was checking on it.
Nikki and Jordan designed a very attractive "tree" for the guests to imprint with their fingerprints for leaves.
The wonderful wedding cake by Stephanie with Piece-A-Cake arrived and had a very cute bride and groom on top!
Molly Olah and Nate Leyland with North Carolina Classical Wedding Music had set up and were warming up for the ceremony. Always a pleasure to work with these two fine musicians! 
Nikki's sister, Veronica, signs the marriage license for me. She was her sister's maid of honor.
We chatted with our lovely bride who was ready to get the ceremony started. Then I left to go find the Best Man, Ben, to get his signature on the license.
 These two cute little boys were handing out the programs and the bubbles.
Martha, with the hotel, is getting the bride's bouquet ready to give her when she appears with her father to walk down the aisle. She is chatting with Valerie, Nikki's aunt, who did a great job as wedding director for the ceremony. Those are the most beautiful color bridesmaids dresses! The pretty bouquets and the lilies flanking the altar area of the ceremony were provided by Ruth Payne of Fleuressence.
And so we begin! Nikki and her father, Andy, float down the aisle toward Jordan and me. Notice all the cell phones out taking pictures??
I believe Nikki told me that there were about 170 guests. The room was packed and some guests sneaked in after the bride. The ceremony was held in the Hanover III room. The Sheraton is quite spacious and I wish I could do more weddings there. The staff is friendly and quite efficient and the location is so handy with a parking garage right across the street. It could not have been more convenient.
Jordan's Aunt Robyn read "Falling in Love is Like Owning a Dog" by Taylor Mali dedicated to their beloved dog Sammy who was at home on guard duty!
Nikki's Aunt Tara read an original piece she wrote entitled "The Marriage House."
Then it was time to tell their story followed by the secret paragraphs then the more serious vows.
 The ring exchange......
Jordan and Nikki really liked the Covenant of Salt ceremony where they poured together their two separate containers of salt. "This custom harks back to Biblical days when salt was used to bind a contract. According to tradition, this contract can only be broken if each grain of salt in the container can be sorted, identified and then returned to the rightful owner. Therefore, since your salt is now inseparable, you are joined together forever."
 The closing prayer preceded the pronouncement of marriage and then......
 That kiss!!
 Wow, it is done and now it is time to celebrate! 
A brief moment of togetherness before the wedding party catches up with them then they are off to take some pictures. Marty and I packed up the sound system then headed off to find them. 
They were in the mezzanine area overlooking the lobby. It is really quite a picturesque setting and with the skylights, the lighting could not have been better. We see Jenna Lee with Jenna Lee Photography getting her shots.
I got in there to get one with the bride and groom, now married! Congratulations, Nikki and Jordan. All your careful planning paid off really well. And now you begin your new journey together as husband and wife. I wish you all the best in the world! 

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