Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Emily and Danny Wed at the Carolina Inn!

When I met Emily and Danny in February I had the feeling they were a good match. When they sent me their answers to my Our Story questions, it was very obvious that they were meant for each other! They are both very bright, organized and determined individuals who are attending medical school with all the steadfast dedication it takes to become doctors. At the same time they are very dedicated to the well being and happiness of each other and treasure their life together. They met at UNC during the fall of their senior year in 2006. Danny remembers their meeting being a WOW moment in his life but they did not begin dating until some time later after being stood up by their group of friends for Trivia Night at Tyler's which in retrospect became very suspicious for a set up! That was all it took for these two to become inseparable and as they say, the rest is history and many adventures together, the greatest of which is their wedding to date!
Their ceremony was July 3, 2011 at the lovely Carolina Inn, a favorite place for UNC grads. Emily's parents live in Chapel Hill but her sister lives in Arizona and Danny's family is from New York City and so their guests came from all across the country to be with them.This is the view of the Bryan Courtyard from the perspective of where we will be standing.
This is the view from the terrace off the sun room overlooking the courtyard.  They had about 130 guests.On the far left you can see Chris of Heartstone Films adjusting one of his video cameras. He had three set up. He operates some and his wife, Toni, operates some. They are a great team! Our professional wedding photographers are another husband and wife team--James and Meridith Walters of Walters and Walters Photography. 
Our musicians from Arioso Strings arrived and started playing. That is Mary Page Block, the founder and operator of Arioso Strings, on the left and in the middle is Lisa who played for the wedding I did the day before at the Forest Theater, and the cellist is also Lisa! I can always count on Arioso Strings to be punctual, professional and superb musicians!
Meantime, in the John Hill ballroom, the reception had been set up and was ready for the guests to spend the evening celebrating with Emily and Danny.  Here is the beautiful wedding cake prepared by Sugarland Bakery.
The DJ for the reception was Randy Bennett with Joe Bunn DJ Company and you can be sure that everyone had a wonderful time. 
A Watered Garden did the flowers. This is the table outside the ballroom with the place cards. After the ceremony the guests adjourned to the black and white hallway for cocktails. 
Doesn't  it look like we are in jail?? About 5 minutes before we started the ceremony, Danny and I and all his groomsmen except the two that were escorting in the mothers of the couple retreated to the area behind the wall of the courtyard from where we made our entrance. I think I must be giving Megan the signal that we are ready. 
Speaking of Megan, here she is in just the right spot on the terrace to cue the musicians and then direct the processional. Megan is the owner of A Southern Soiree, a wedding and event planning service. She is also one of my former brides. She and Jason were married in a lovely ceremony in May of 2010 which I officiated. It was fabulous to work with her for the first time in her capacity as the wedding director for this wedding. She did a great job of tending to every detail. Emily and Danny were wise to have hired her for this service.
The groom and groomsmen and I are all lined up waiting for the bridesmaids. Don't ask me what I am doing with my right hand. I have no idea but it must have made sense at the time!
After the seven bridesmaids entered, our very responsible young ring bearer entered with the real rings! 
I put this photo in because it shows how anxious he was to be done with the responsibility of the pillow as he hands it to the best man to take the rings off! Except for the groom's parents watching the ring bearer, the other guests are looking back for the bride to enter next.
And here she is! So beautiful! Her father, David,  had the distinct pleasure of escorting her down the aisle. Standing to the left is Megan's assistant, Casey, who is interning with Megan this summer. What a cool job! Well, not literally, in this heat!
Once Emily stepped onto the grass, the front of the hem of her dress started dragging and Emily wisely figured out to gently kick the skirt forward with her foot. This happens quite often. The dress length is perfect for hard surfaces but the height of the grass makes it too long. She cannot reach down and pick up the front of her skirt because she is holding her bouquet in her left hand and her right hand is on Daddy's arm. What's a bride to do?? She wants it the right length for the reception but needs it shorter for the processional??
Everyone stood in her honor as she and her father glided down the aisle while Emily's eyes were fixed on Danny and his on her! 
The bridesmaids wore a pretty coral color. Coral looks great on most everyone and is such a happy color for a wedding. This is the second "coral" wedding I have had this year and I have two more coming up. Since I try to match or blend what I wear to the wedding with the wedding colors, I got busy and made myself a coral prayer stole and it matched their dresses perfectly! I thank my mother for teaching me how to sew and inspiring me to be creative.
After the welcome and the prayer, came the Parents' Blessing where the couple acknowledge their parents and thank them for all their support and love throughout their lives. It is quite touching and usually brings forth tears from the mothers. Here Danny's parents, Sue and Gary, are standing on the right. Emily's parents, Carol and David, are standing up on the left. 
Do you see the young man standing in front of the groomsmen who is touching his forehead? Apparently he was in some distress because a few moments later he crossed the aisle and sat down with his father. I never found out what happened but perhaps he was dehydrated (it was very hot--in the upper 90s that day) or he locked his knees and got faint. I am glad someone was paying attention to him and sent him to sit down before he fainted. He seemed fine after the ceremony was over.
Emily's Maid of Honor, Jennifer, and her first bridesmaid, Anne, are her sisters. They were so happy for Emily and are thrilled that Danny is now a member of their family!
James is getting a good shot of the presentation here. But, how many other cameras can you count. I counted 13, can you? So many guests bring their cameras to weddings now days.
Vows, rings, pronouncement of marriage, kiss and presentation of the newlywed couple and out they go! 
After the guests cleared the courtyard and Marty and I had gotten my sound system packed up, it was time to bring out the couple and the wedding party for photos. Hugs all around for Emily and Danny. I always try to be the first one to address the bride by her new name and I usually succeed. Emily loved it. Danny was pretty happy too. They are so happy to be married at last and I am so happy for them. Emily and Danny, may your lives be filled with love, peace and joy! 

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Mary Page Block said...

Beautiful wedding and enjoyed playing for the ceremony! Loved hearing how they met and fell in love.